There is an energy field around every human being, as well as every living thing on the planet, whether animal or plant, which is described as an aura. It can be seen as light and/or colour around the body extending about 6 inches all round the physical body. It has several layers, known as the auric field, including the astral body, with colours that can change according to the individuals physical, emotional mental and spiritual health.

The awareness of an energy field has long been recognised in Eastern esoteric teaching, and the chakras are an integral part of the field, and important for health, healing and spiritual growth.


The word “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word which means wheel, and like wheels they turn. There are various views on whether they turn clockwise or anti-clockwise. When I check them I find that they alternate, which to me makes more sense than them all turning in 1 direction. To me I see them as interconnecting cogs. Within the body we have a natural flow of movement. The large intestine, bowel, found in the lower abdomen, starts in the right hand corner of the abdomen, comes up the right hand side, across in the part known as the transverse colon, and down the left hand side with the descending colon. This is the way that the chakra turns in the sacral chakra, which is the one of that area of the body. Similalry, the blood flow through the heart is in the same direction. In between these 2 organs, you find the stomach, which actually flows in the opposite direction, and hence the chakra here, known as the solar plexus, turns the opposite way to the sacral and heart chakra.

So how do you check if your chakras are healthy and turning, or whether the energy is blocked or over-energised? Well if you are not able to see them, you are in the same company as me, so don’t worry. Find a friend who is as eager as you to find out, and practise on each other.

When I want to check out somebody’s chakras, I get them to either lay down, or sit straight, and then I use a pendulum to check to see if their chakras are spinning or not. I use a lovely crystal about 6 inches away from the body and watch to see whether or not the pendulum swings. If they are all swinging with the same intensity of energy, then I consider that they are balanced, but if there is a discrepancy in the intesity of the energy in the swinging, then I deem them out of balance, and will work with the client on getting them to balance them.

Tomorrow I will share the story of a gentleman who came to see me, who has difficulty voicing what he needs and suffers with headaches with associated nausea and occassional vomiting.

Hope this has helped to answer some of your questions Glasgowdragonfly.  Maybe now you have more for me. I am so enjoying the journey that this is taking me on, Namaste



  1. I tried holding my hands close together as you mentioned and couldn’t really feel anything, I wonder if it is something you can come to “feel”.

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