Oil of the Day: Rosemary


It has been my intention since I started to blog about aromatherapy, that I would do an oil a day. Well those good intentions lasted about 3 days! Does anybody else find that?

I really should take the time out to plan what I am going to do, so that I then have something to stick to. But I am a doer rather than a planner, so as usual I launched headfirst into this, and have now missed a day’s oil because of my lack of Clarity and Focus.

As luck would have it, or is that the Universe’s great timing? Or God’s timing is perfect? Or perfect coincidence? However you want to look at it, that is what today’s, well yesterdays really, is all about. Clarity.

Rosemary, Rosemarinus officinalis: is a stimulating oil for both physical and mental stimulation.It is thererfore not suitable for use on babies, infants or those who are pregnant.

It also has a reputation for being a great hair tonic, stimulating hair growth, so good for thinning or hair loss.

My instant reference book on aromatherapy is “Aromatherapy, A guide for home use” by Christine Westwood, lists the psycholgical properties of Rosemary as “Clarity, Disorientation,Indecisiveness,Lethargy, Memory dull or bad, Mental stimulation and calmness, Monday morning feeling, protection and Sluggishness”

So I am off to have a shower on this Wednesday morning, now shall I use grapefruit, or bergamot or geranium or……………..?



2 thoughts on “Oil of the Day: Rosemary

    • All essential oils are made up of chemicals constituents which have different effects in the body. Rosemary’s just happen to have an effect on the brain and memory. They bind to receptors, if you are still finding it hard to understand how a smell or something that you inhale can have an affect like that, ask yourself what affect mustard gas has? hth Joy

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