Re-balancing chakras with Aromatherapy.

As an aromatherapist, my work in the past has been focussed on the physical and mental, rather then the spiritual aspect of someone’s health. I have performed many a massage on stiff achy muscles using a blend of lavender, marjoram and black pepper for example. I have used oils for their mental impact, bergamot for those who need a little lift, neroli for stress, and clary sage for grief. However I have done very little work on the spiritual aspect apart from personal use. I have used frankincense in a burner when meditating, but little else.

I am exploring the use of aromatherapy and chakras, to see if they can be balanced with them. As a McTimoney Chiropractor I often see people who have repeated problems in the same area of the body. As part of my treatment, I will take a detailed lifestyle assessment, and we have already covered things like how and where they are sitting at work, at home etc. Are they twisting, bending, lifting which may be causing the same mi-alignment patterns to show. But sometimes despite our best efforts on the physical level, I feel that it is a spiritual issue. So I was grateful when somebody offered to be body for me to experiment with using essential oils.

This gentleman has an issue with saying what it is that he wants in life. He is a unable to voice his preferences to almost anybody, preferring that everybody else has their choices and needs met. He suffers with headaches on a regular basis, 1 or 2 a month, and they can be really bad and effect his stomach. Vomiting then gives him relief from his headache. He also gets a headache if he does not eat breakfast by a certain time in the morning, and would spend the rest of the day in a darkened room.

On checking his chakras, he ws found to have an over-energised 4th heart, and a blocked throat 5th chakra. This was not what I expected, my expectation was for the third eye to be out of balance, but I got the feeling that everything was blocked at the throat, 5th chakra, and all the energy was being held in the head. He is someone with a “big heart” so it was no surprise to me that too much energy was going thought his heart chakra. Referring to my chart for fragrances for the chakras, we tested them. First I considered Rose to quiten the heart, but the throat did not balance with it, so I chose  Patchouli for the throat. I asked him to inhale deeply on the bottle of patchouli oil, whilst visualising the chakra spinning. It did not take long for it to come back into balance, and the heart also came back into balance.

He was given homework to meditate daily with patchouli in a burner, and to breathe directly from the bottle if he feels a headache starting.

After balancing his chakras, I asked him where he wanted to spend his 60th Birthday? He had no hesitation, in giving me an answer this time.

I eagerly await feedback from him in a weeks time.


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