Amphora aromatic gift box

I absolutely love Amphora oils and all their products. I really see improvements in people’s health with aromatherapy, and these are top quality.

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Hi guys,

I was very kindly sent an amphora aromatics gift box to review, thank you so much.

I have posted a box opening review further down, so if you’d like to have a look at the packaging etc, take a peek.

Lemon, thyme and tea tree lip balm.
I have been using the lemon and thyme lip balm for a few days now and oh wow it’s fantastic. The smell is delicious, the texture of it in the tub is thick and firm, however it glides onto your lips like silk.

With some lip balms iv found, they disappear really quickly but this one stays for a long time and also makes my lips all tingly which makes me think the goodness in the lip balm is absorbing into the skin.

I have always had dry chapped lips, with using this lip balm everyday for the past 4 days…

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