Head, Shoulders, ?????? and Toes, ??????? and Toes

Today’s post has come about as a result of a comment on my blog by Not Another Tall Blog   Thank you for your input Angie , and the life that it has given to my creation, my Blog

So here is my take on knee problems.

People frequently come into my clinic complaining of knee problems, and I find that they generally have their origins in the pelvis, even when a diagnosis of osteoarthritis (OA) of the knees has been made. Here I try to explain why this is, and what can be done to help, most of which your GP is unlikely to suggest.

Take a look at this picture, courtesy of, lowerbackpain-Help.com and look at the left leg, and how it has changed to accommodate the drop in the pelvis. Now if you haven’t done so already,click on the link above “Not Another Tall Blog” and see how Angie is standing! Hmmm do you think she has any knee problems? If you are not sure, read on.

Affect of a misaligned pelvis on the knees.

Affect of a misaligned pelvis on the knees.

You will often read articles that talk about a short leg. Practically everyone who comes into my clinic tells me that someone has told them that they have one leg shorter than the other. However, an actual leg length discrepancy is rare, and what appears rarer still, is someone that can correct the leg length discrepancy as seen in  this picture. If 2 points were measured, on each leg, the length would be the same, hence I use the term “apparent”. Now look at this picture below, courtesy of webmed.boots.com and see how complex the knee joint is. Now try and imagine the alteration in weight-bearing that happens in the knee, and you may begin to see how osteoarthritis starts. Here is a little experiment if I can try and explain. Clench one hand into a fist, and then place the other hand over the clenched hand. Take note of where the 2 hands meet, where the pressure is, within the “joint” Try and imagine that this is a knee joint. Now slightly rotate the clenched fist, whilst keeping the other hand still. Can you feel the pressure change, and different points of contact become more noticeable. That happens in any joint when the body is not aligned properly, and this is where OA has it’s origins. So what can you do about it?

The knee joint including the ligaments and tendons, which are connective tissue, and contain collagen.

The knee joint including the ligaments and tendons, which are connective tissue, and contain collagen.

Well you will find many places that recommend that you get a heel lift in your shoe. I hope that you will agree, that lifting the heel will not realign the pelvis, and is therefore NOT the answer, not in the longterm anyway.

First of all I would recommend that anybody who has problems with the knees, goes and gets their alignment checked and treated by a McTimoney Chiropractor. They are the only therapists that I know of, who actually adjust the tilt in the pelvis, actually on the pelvis. This will allow the pressure to be taken off the knee, and for healing to then occur.

Next I suggest that someone takes supplements in the form of Green Magic and collagen. Green Magic is a blend of 16 different superfoods, which will enhance the healing of the knee. It is full of vitamins and minerals that the body needs, and which, even with the best diet, are sorely lacking these days due to our poor soil states that are food is grown in. GM is full of alkaline forming foods, which are the counter-balance to the acid forming foods that we tend to eat, which leads to disease processes and ill-health.

Collagen is a protein, and totals 76% of the total protein in the human body. Like most things, the level of collagen decreases as we age, hence the signs of ageing noticeable in the connective tissues of the body, coarsening and thinning of hair, nails, skin, which are visible, but also of the bones, tendons and ligaments, which are not visible. I sell these products  in my Chiropractic clinic and also on my website.  They are my 2 best sellers for obvious reasons,

Trials have shown that taking: Collagen hydrolysate introduced exogenously, which is absorbed by the intestine and accumulates in the joint cartilage, therefore has the potential to stimulate collagen production in the remaining chondrocytes in patients withosteoarthritis. This counteracts the degenerative processes and may prevent the development of osteoarthritis. “Collagen hydrolysate is a food, not a pharmaceutical product. It has no undesirable side effects and therefore long-term regular use is safe, Dr Oesser PhD, Director of the Collagen Research Institute, Kiel, Germany.

I have articles which, if I could, I would attach to my blog They are rather lengthy, but if anybody would like to read them, then please email me via www.joyofchiropractic.co.uk and I will send you it in an attachment.

If you have any questions as a result of something that you have read here, i will be more than happy to try and answer them.

Thank you for reading. Any comments will lead me on this journey, and will be gratefully received. Namaste Joy


19 thoughts on “Head, Shoulders, ?????? and Toes, ??????? and Toes

  1. Thank you for this post, I am so glad I asked that question! I have never heard of this condition actually, so makes me curious whether I may have such a problem. Will check out those links too! Thank you!

      • Hm, maybe! I have just recently started taking hyaluronic acid, in addition to the complex I’ve taking for a few years (glucosamine, chondroitin and MSN) – could I also take collagen, or wouldn’t that be too much of a cocktail? And thanks for the good wishes!

  2. Interesting post. I have bad knees, in that they click, hurt when walking up and down stairs, they feel like a bag of spanners if I put my hand over them and extend my leg. I think this was all from when I was a kid, I had an accident and had a hairline fracture in the bottom of my spine, when it healed the bone fused in such a way that my hip are slight down and forward on one side, so I get numbing back aches on occasion and bad knees.

    Would a Chiropractor be able to help with that? I was thinking that this was 30+ years ago and that the area was probably quite inflexible, also Chiropractors (when I have been in the past) are very expensive I think it was £80 a session when I went years back.

    Good post though, made me think about actually doing something about my back

    • Hi there Moi. Such a pity that you are so far away as I absolutely love a challenge. Yes I am sure that McTimoney Chiropractic would help you so much. Can I suggest that you find someone local to you. If you let me know where you are in the SE then I could possibly recommend someone to you. My guess is that you did not see a McTimoney in the past if they charged that much, although prices in the SE could be more than here? I would also recommend that you look into taking supplements to help your joints and connective tissue repair. Blessings Joy

  3. This is a wonderful post… I returned just to comment. I am currently using my yoga practice, the Pete Egoscue method, massage and chiropractic care to realign my pelvis. A few hearty falls on the right buttocks and sacroiliac areas, years of postural habits, which I can now trace to childhood, hyper mobility (I see another of your posts to read!) , and slacking off in strengthening has caught up with me. Stretching is great, but strength and balance keep everything aligned. Thanks again for this post! 😉

    • Thank you for your thoughts, as I so pleased that you have found it helpful. Chiropractic is wonderful (I love my job) but strength and balance keeps it aligned you are right, wish all my clients understood that 🙂 Blessings Joy

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