Social Media Announcement

Back in September I attended an event in my local area called Working Digital, and got an education into Social Media and how it can be used for business. As part of that event I started to follow a blog Red Website Design They posted yesterday the 30 day challenge

30 Spectacular Ideas for Social Media Content Your Followers Will Love

So are any of you up for this challenge too. As today is Saturday, I thought that I would take the weekend to look at this challenge and prepare my material for the next 30 days. I am also signed up for the 201 blog challenge starting on 20th october, so here;s hoping that my blogging goes stratospheric! Is that even a word?

For those of you following me for my insights on natural and holistic therapies, todays blend in the burner is Cedarwood, Neroli Light and Orange.

Have a great weekend! Namaste


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