The Vision Alignment Project.

In my spiritual journey, I have read lots of “growth” books, which I have avidly read and tried to apply to life. Most of them have a simple message that is repeated throughout the literature.
“You are what you say” “You attract what you put out there.” “You create your own reality with your words”
that’s the message that many books have. I believe that to be true even where our health is concerned. How often have you been somewhere, and met that one person that spends their entire time talking about their illness, their aches and pains, what their doctors have to say, what test they have been put through? Do you sit and listen to them, going “oh poor” you at an appropriate time?  Well I believe that you are fuelling their illness. You are not helping them to break free of this. If you beleive that an illness defines you, then it will. Yesterday i came across this article where a young man had not allowed his health issues to stop him achieving his ambition. You can read the article here.
So do you have a health issue that you feel defines  you? Would you like help to overcome your health issue and turn your life around? This is not for the feinthearted. It is not a quick fix solution. It will take time, effort and a change in how you approach life, changing eating habits, exercise patterns but first and foremost your attitude. Join:

A Vision for Wellness

We see a world where wellness is the watchword of the day; where humanity has realized, oh-so-clearly, that we are wise to hold a vision of ourselves and others in the highest light – happy, healthy, vibrant, joyous, creative, and living our calling to the fullest.

Can you imagine a world like this? It is a world where we are all living in peak health because that is all we are putting our attention on.

So what small change are you going to make right now, to improve your health. Choose from one of the following:

Increase my water intake by drinking more water.

Meditate daily saying “I AM………….and then adding a positive affirmation, please contact me if you need help on this.

Eat 2 more piece’s of fruit or vegetable every day from now on. This needs to be fresh, not tinned, or pre-pared and packed, but should still be in it’s wrapper that nature made it in.

Increase my exercise by doing something more energetic than I usually do. If you are truly unable to go out and walk even the shortest distnace, then imagine yourself doing it, sit quietly somewhere and imagine your self going for a walk in your favourite place.

Here’s some pictures of a walk I took yesterday, the smell was so divine, fresh Autumn odours of ripe  DSCF4476

DSCF4492 DSCF4487 DSCF4496 DSCF4475 DSCF4474

Namaste and Good Health, because we are Creation, and we are created in His image.


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