Today’s Oil; Ginger

As we enter the cold months of winter, let’s take a look at this oil, popular for it’s warming abilities. ginger

Zingiber officinale. It has a warm, spicy aroma, with a hint of lemon and pepper.It is grown commercially in most tropical countries, with the best aroma coming from Jamaica Ginger apparently. It is a spice which has been esteemed throughout the ages, and was included in the Greek and Arabic pharmacopoeia. The dried root, or rhizome, was a popular condiment, an aromatic stimulant and a remedy against malaria. It has a long reputation in it’s ability to settle the stomach, and therefore ginger appears in preparations for travel- and seasickness.

It is warming to the emotions when feeling flat or cold. It sharpens the senses and aids memory. This is a very cheering oil, indicated for tirednes, stimulating yet grounding.

It’s warming properties extend to the physical too, so useful for aching muscles, especially after exercise, although a WORD OF WARNING HERE, this oil should not really be used on the skin, unless it is being used by someone with a qualification in aromatherapy, due to its stimulating nature.

My recommendation is to use this oil in a burner, on those cold wet days when the spirit needs warming. I absolutley love this oil with a citrus such as orange, tangerine or mandarin. I will also add a few drops or Eucalyptus when using this in the clinic setting to keep the air virus and bacteria free.


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