Night night, sleep tight

This title might be a taunt to some people, for whom a good nights sleep is not easy to come by. It is something that I monitor with my clients who come to see me, and one of the frequent questions I get asked refers to matresses. Specifically what type of mattres should I get? The general advice that people have received in the past, from physiotherapists according to the article in todays Daily Mail entitled The Five Biggest Physios Myths BUSTED, is that type of mattress that you have will help you avoid back pain.

Myth number 1 “The type of mattress you sleep on prevents back pain”

The Daily Mail article states that according to the world’s largest physiotherapy clinical research website, PEDro Physiotherapy Evidence Database, they could find no well conducted trials to back this up. So do I agree with this?

Well my professional opinion is that no mattress is good enough to prevent back pain, if you are out of spinal alignment. A mattress will only support your spine in the alingment that it is in, it will not adjust you in the middle of the night as you sleep, so first a foremost get aligned. My initial consultation and assessment with a new client will involve how well they sleep, if they are restless in their sleep, or if they toss and turn. A good night’s sleep relies on the body being completely comfortable, so that it can relax and fall asleep. People who have misalignments anywhere in the body, cannot get themselves 100% comfortable, some part is always uncomfortable, and so they cannot fall into a good restorative sleep. Lying on their back, the low back may not comfortable. so they turn onto their side, here the neck is not comfortable, it may bring on pins and needles in the hands or numbness in the arms, and so they return onto their back, or turn onto the other side, only for the symptoms occur on the opposite side. Does this sound familiar. It is a story that is repeated often in my clinic. So what can you do?

First of all, get yourself booked in with your nearest McTimoney Chiropractor here in the UK. They will look at your whole body alignment and perform adjustments to bring you back into complete alignment. mattresses

Then if you want to invest in a new mattress, go and do some research. Go to your local bedstores and be prepared to lie on a new mattress for at least 20 minutes. Just lying down for less than a minute, and saying yes, that 1 is comfortable, is not giving your body enough time to settle into the mattress. Take your pillow with you. I was amazed at how different a mattress can feel, depending on the type of pillow that you are using on the bed. If you don’t plan on changing your pillows when you buy a new mattress, then take your pillow with you to the bedstore.

Your mattress should give enough for your bodily curves to sink into the mattress so that your spine is supported along it’s length, as this picture illustrates. Men can often tolerate a more firm mattress than a woman as they have less curves .

So now you have received McTimoney Chiropractic care to ensure that you are aligned, you have your new mattress, how do you maximize you chances of a good night’s sleep.

Don’t take a milky drink before you go to bed. Contrary to popular belief, milk maynot help you to sleep, in fact in could do the opposite. dairy can be mucus forming in some people, and will therefore cause them to snore, and keep waking themselves up.

Lettuce is soporific, so eating a sandwich with lettuce before going to bed could help.

Lavender oil is a great aid for those who cannot sleep well. Sprinkle some around the pillow, and breathe deeply. taking slow deep breaths will also assist you in getting to sleep. Once you are in bed, concentrate on taking deep slow breaths, breathing in as slow as you can, and out again, as slow as you can. Complete a few rounds like this and you should be asleep in no time.

Night night, hope you can now sleep tight.Does anybody know where this saying comes from?

Namaste and sweet dreams





7 thoughts on “Night night, sleep tight

  1. I sleep badly I wake at least once a night and never feel refreshed, the mattress is only a couple of years old. I’ve got lavender oil, I may try that tonight.

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