Collagen Rich Skin Toner

Following on from yesterdays post, we will continue our skin care routine for the Winter with our luscious Coral Seaweed and Collagen Toner.


Coral Seaweed and Collagen Toner

After cleansing the skin, it is important to tone, to close the pores and to remove any cleanser that may be left on the skin.

Proto-cols Toner is soothing and refreshing and alcohol free. It has similar ingredients to the Cleanser to complement it, but also has Witch Hazel and Panthenol Vitamin B5


Witch Hazel: Has a long reputation for it’s astringent properties, which closes the pores. The Witch hazel shrub is common to North America, and has healing properties as well. It is proven to shrink pores and reduce inflammation.

Panthenol Vitamin B5: This helps to protect the skin against free radicals, and soothes, softens and hydrates. It helps the skin to regenerate and give a more youthful look to the skin.

Application: apply after cleansing using a damp cotton wool pad.

Proto-cols Toner is gentle to use and therefore suitable for all skin types. The high end ingredients that are used deliver results leaving the skin feeling clean soft and supple.It is designed to work in harmony with the Cleanser, and for maximum results should be followed with either the Moisturising Facial Gel or Serum.

Warning a Bonfire Bonanza will be coming tomorrow 5th November at midnight!


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