Remember Remember the 5th of November. Bonfire Bonanza

This will be a 5th of November to Remember. Today is the launch of my very first Bonfire Bonanza which will be sending fireworks off for the next 10 days, getting your skin ready for the party season.

proto-col party girl

Today is the start of this Bonanza of Skin Care, Make-up and Nutrition, all courtesy of A Joy of Health, where you can get a massive 25% off items in just 24 hours.

We start with the start of all good skin care and make-up routines, Cleanser and Primer.

Our 120 ml cleanser normally retails at £13.95, but for 24 hours between 8 am on 5th until the 6th we have a whooping 25% OFF HERE. This is the link that you need to purchase our Bonfire Bonanzas.

Using a Primer is the first step in your make-up routine. It comes immediately after your skin care regime. The importance of a primer cannot be underestimated. It provides a smooth surface for you to apply your make-up and it will mean that your make-up will look as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning.

Miracle Based Primerprod_miracle-base-primer_MBP12001

As the name suggests, this little gem is a miracle, creating a perfect base for foundation and make-up application, or it can be worn alone. With vitamin E to protect and aloe vera to nourish and calm the skin, this miracle base primer is key in your daily skincare routine. Top makeup artists would not be seen without a top quality primer in their kits and neither would I! Create a perfect base for foundation application with this silky formulation. Worn alone or under foundation to increase longevity, this miracle base primer leaves your skin looking and feeling silky smooth. . Suitable for all skin types. Normally £19.95, only £14.96 for 24 hours



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