Book Review: Grace by Christine Friel McGrory

So excited to be getting my copy tomorrow hopefully, as I am attending The Key event in Glasgow.

Vhairi Slaven

Kripa (trans Grace) – the ultimate key towards realizing the spiritual path of self-realization. (Wikipedia)

Every now and then a book comes along that makes you feel like the author wrote it with you in mind.  The words appear like personal messages to you, at exactly the time in your life when you need to hear them.  You feel like the heroine or hero in the book is discovering the very things that you are at the same time; it is as though you are both on the adventure together.  You think to yourself:  “Aha!  I knew that”.  Grace is such a book.

The story is of an ordinary, everyday, completely miserable western woman called Grace who takes the wrong bus and meets a mysterious “Old Lady” who takes her on a journey through the ages to understand the concepts of creation, energy, love, desire and the universe.  Grace strips…

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