Wedding Fairs and Make Up

A week ago, 2 colleagues and I got together to bring an event to our local town, aimed at educating people about skin care, and how important it is to not only use the right products on your skin, but also to have good nutrition. It is true that a good complexion starts with good nutrition, we are what we eat.

I colloborated with an events co-ordinator, Sarah, from Sarah’s Creative Occasions, and Charmaine from Charmaine Gittens, Photography and MakeUp, both based in Ayrshire, SW Scotland.

Charmaine loved the Baked Mineral Shimmers. She created a fabulous look on her model, which was a complete relief to me as she had never used the products before. I am hoping that she will share her photos from the evening, and when she does I will share them with you, so that you can see what a fabulous look can be created using the Proto-col make-up range.

Charmaine especially thought that the 7 set make-up brush set was an absolute bargain for just £49.95, and the feedback that we have had from those that bought the kit on the night, has reinforced Charmaine’s approval.

I caught up with Sarah last weekend as she exhibited at a Wedding Fair at Culzean Castle which is a superb venue to hold a wedding. Here are some photos of that event to share with you, whilst I wait for Charmaine to provide me with some of hers.

Culzean castle and gardens Ayrshire Scotland

Culzean Castle and Gardens Ayrshire Scotland

Culzean Castle AyrshireScotland

Culzean Castle AyrshireScotland

Sarah from Sarah's Creative Occasions, Ayrshire Scotland

Sarah from Sarah’s Creative Occasions, Ayrshire Scotland

Wedding Fair @ Culzean Castle

Wedding Fair @ Culzean Castle

Wedding fair

Wedding fair

Sarah's Bits & Bobs

Sarah’s Bits & Bobs

Table Dressed for a Wedding by Sarah of Sarah's Creative Occasions

Table Dressed for a Wedding by Sarah of Sarah’s Creative Occasions

Look at that sky!

Look at that sky!


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