Grace holds The Key

Every once in a while, you come across someone or something that has a profound effect on you, and therefore your life. This weekend just past was one of those times, where I met so many fantastic people, and it was all down to 1 exceptional woman having an exceptional vision, and another exceptional woman taking that vision and making it into her own dream, and then sharing that with so many more fantastic people.

Do you know those times when words just cannot do justice to something? Well this is just a time.

People make Glasgow, and Glasgow is full of Amazing People = Glasgow is Amazing!

People make Glasgow, and Glasgow is full of Amazing People = Glasgow is Amazing!

I have read so many self help books, I know the theory, but this weekend was looking at it all in a completely new light and then taking steps to put it all into action, and what an amazing and emotional journey it was, and I know that it is just the first few steps on what will be an even more amazing journey.

Christine reading from her Book "Grace"

Christine reading from her Book “Grace”

I have made some lifelong friends, people that 48 hours ago I did not even know of their existence. But you know when you meet someone and just click, well that happened to me this weekend, and I know that my life will be enriched through meeting these people.

New Found Friends

New Found Friends

If you are in Ayr on 25th Nov, I seriously recommend that you make your way down to the Carlton hotel on that evening.

You will find me and my new found mates in the bar, whilst Lauren reaches out to Ayrshire to bring new hope to you. Will you reach out and grab with both hands? I can guarantee that your life will change if you do, this is only for the bravehearted.

I must be honest that I have yet to read the book. I am saving it for the right moment, I know that the author will understand that I will know when the time is right for me to read the book. There is a time for everything, a time to sow, and a time to reap. A time to participate, and a time to reflect. A time to make new friends, and a time to catch up with old ones. Bless you all, for spending the time with me this weekend and reading this. I appreciate the time and energy that you have spent on it. You are all Diamonds. Shine On!

Laughter, the Best Medicine.

Laughter, the Best Medicine.


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