It’s Blue Monday Apparently


Champagne at sunset for my Birthday


Pessimists amongst us, will try to tell you that today is the most depressing day of the year. Pinterest has already told me, and if you want to believe it, then please feel free. However if you believe that everything begins with a thought, then protect yourself from these negative thoughts, and try positive thinking instead.

Some time ago, there was a phase of “gratitude posts” on Facebook, and other social media platforms. It probably started one New Year as someone’s Resolution, and was quickly taken up by others. One of them involved putting a wee note in a jar every day of the year, so that at the end of the year you had 365 (hopefully) grateful notes to look back on. I will be totally honest here, I have not always been entirely grateful to my husband. I haven’t written notes to myself, to remind me of the things that he does for me, but I do take a lot of photographs, and every now and again I flick through the old albums on my laptop, and remind myself of where we have been in the 8 years that we have known each other.

So in an effort to cheer you up on a wintry Northern Hemisphere Monday morning, here are a few snaps to brighten your day


Champagne Breakfast on my Birthday, in the Bahamas


Snorkelling in the Bahamas


Oh look Over 4000 miles away from Home!


Ready to snorkel and Diet!


Chillin’ Place



Full Moon in Bahamas Jan 2015


Full Moon from our balcony abourd the Carribean princess


Get away from it all


How Bright and Cheerful everything appears. Bet they are not thinking of today as Blue Monday, unless they’re describing the sunbeds.




Pre-Birthday Dinner Champagne

DSC_0887 - Copy

The Sanctuary Pool

DSC_0878 - Copy

Chilling out on my Birthday in the Sanctuary

Colourful Map of the Bahamas

Colourful map of the Bahamas

The Bahamas




Tropical Fish



2 thoughts on “It’s Blue Monday Apparently

    • Thank you Ruchi, you have inspired me to blog on my own photos. I too visited the Everglades in Florida, the ones at Fort Lauderdale, and looking at your pictures I am going to join a photography group and develop my creative skills. Thank you so much for your intereaction with my blog. Blessings Joy x

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