Nutritional & Green Magic

Nutrition: How important is it? How good body is designed to feel

Have you heard the saying, “We are what we eat”?

If you want your body to perform well, then you need to give it the right fuel to run on, simple as that. You wouldn’t expect a car to run on a poor quality petrol or gas, so why treat the body any differently?

Good nutrition is at the forefront of good health, and it is therefore a subject that I investigate whenever anybody comes to see me. As a McTimoney Chiropractor, just about everybody who comes to see me has an inflammatory issue somewhere, an -itis of some joint, or tendon or ligament. ginger

Google “foods for treating inflammation naturally” and you will get a plethora of herbs, spices, and all manner of alkaline foods all extolling their virtues as an anti-inflammatory, and so they are, but this post is about why I recommend Green Magic by Proto-col. If you want to read more, look up Ross Bridgeford known as the “Alkaline Diet Guy”. He has over 10 years experience of it.

Getting as many green leafy foods into you is simply the best way to increase your input of alkaline foods, and thereby combatting inflammation, the leading cause of disease in the Western World, but it is very difficult to get enough concentrated nutrients in our diet due to our deficient and depleted soils. For a therapeutic effect we really need to concentrate the nutrients into food supplements. Green Magic was developed by Dr Larry Milam, President of the Universtity of Natural Health, California. It is a quick and cost effective way of increasing the right type of food into your diet. Just 1 heaped teaspoon of the powder, mixed into water, fruit juice or smoothie, is all your 7 a day just there. Now how easy is that? It works out at about 50p per teaspoon too.

You can read the full ingredient list with more information here.

You may have noticed the word “therapeutic” above. What does that mean? It means that if you are wanting help to heal some -itis or other, or you have repair that needs to happen in the body, then you are looking for a therapeutic effect. That is why top athletes take Green Magic. The MD, James Greenwell, of the proto-col company is an elite athlete, and trained to Olympic level, and still competes on the International stage in Triathlons and Bi-athlons. He sponsors athletes like Laura Massaro, 2014 World Squash Champion, and Victoria Barr.

Green Magic has NO added sugar. It is gluten free. Who wants to give it a go?  To purchase  Click here

Laura Massaro @ljmassaro  ·  Nov 18

@Morganmassage @joyofhealth96 @HolHealthZone @swimstar2008 the green magic particularly helps with energy levels and illness prevention!

That’s what Laura tweeted about GM.

Victoria Barr, another great athlete tweets

Victoria Barr @vicbarr82  ·  Nov 18

@joyofhealth96 @protocolUK @Teamprotocoluk @Morganmassage yes,after a year with proto-col collagen it has helped recovery +injury prevention

If you think that Green Magic could help you recover from injury or illness, or if like Laura and Victoria, you would like to add it to your training regime,then click here, to be taken to the shop on my website. Sorry UK shipping only.


 Spirulina and Chlorella, high in Protein, Icelandic Kelp for Minerals, Green-Magic-200gKamut Juice, Minerals Calcium and Magnesium

CoEnzyme 10 Anti-oxidant and energy,Nova Scotia Dulce for Minerals,Lactobacillus acidopholus, Probiotic,Jerusalem Artichoke Powder, Probiotic, Royal Jelly, Enzymes and Minerals amongst others

The algae found in Green Magic has a high Chlorophyll content, which is the life blood of the plant kingdom and one of the planets cleansing, detoxifying and healing substances. It has a molecular substance similar to haemoglobin, and has at its core, magnesium.

 Chlorophyll deodorizes breath, stops the growth of anaerobic yeasts and fungi in the digestive tract, counteracts inflammation, revives tissue, activates enzyme, boosts immunity, promotes healing of wounds by stimulating the production of connective tissue.


The planets 2 highest sources of protein, spirulina and chlorella.

High pectin apple fibre which traps cholesterol and helps remove it from the body.

2 sea vegetables which contain over 28% natural minerals and trace minerals.

Royal Jelly one of the highest sources of Vitamin B

 Only 12 calories per serving.

 Why do we need Green Foods?

 Folic Acid

Vitamin B12


Minerals (calcium, minerals

help alkalize the body)

Trace minerals


Cancer fighting agents

Natural Iron

Are great detoxification

Help clean excess oestrogens

bile acids

Many contain GLA

 Suggested Use

 Serving Size = 3 grams (1 rounded tsp.)

Add to water, juice, food, or smoothie.

Regular use – 1 to 2 servings per day in purified water or juice or smoothie drink

For quick alkalizing of the body – 3 to 4 servings per day

As a detoxifier – 4 servings per day

Super Therapeutic Use (cancer, blood disorders,

immunity) up to 8 servings per day


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