The Longterm Effects of Carrying your Child

Congratulations to HRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the Birth of your gorgeous Daughter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, almost as good a sounding name as Holly Katrina Rose, even if I do say so myself.

There has been a lot in the press over the past few days about Princess Diana. Bet the media love it don’t they? Kate and Diana, sell papers, there’s no doubt about it. So I will add my slant to things too, well why not? Would be silly to miss out on the trends wouldn’t it?

This classic picture of Lady Di grabbed me, as I was reading Slick Mummy’s blog. lady di see through1I was reading it because Slick Mummy loves proto-col’s Moisturising Gel, but that’s another story. What I was drawn to in this picture, is how she is adapting in her frame, to rest the young child on her right hip. Now how many of you have done that, or know someone who has? Come on, own up, most of us have at some point or other, no big deal Joy.

I will admit, at this point I was in “jump on the royal baby bandwagon mode”, so I googled for this picture, but what struck me was another 1 that I found.

Look closely at the second picture and what do you see? Look slightly lower than the waistline, at the level where you would put your hands on your hips. Can you see anything? Can you see that her right side is still higher than the left, even without a child on her hip? And the left leg kicked out to the side, to compensate for the drop on the left, is still needed. Not to the same degree, I admit, but it is still there.

lady di see through2I see this everyday in my clinic. Women who carry young children around on their hips, put their pelvis’ out of alignment. These pictures show that rank and status does not make you immune from this.

Can anything be done about it? Of course there is, it is what I do everyday. I realign the structure of the body by adjusting the framework, or the skeleton. Then I give you advice Not to do this habit again. Of course that is not easy, habits are hard to break, especially if the young child is tired and crabbit, you are hungry and you need to get the dinner on. So my advice is, if you continue with the bad habit, you will continue to need to be straightened out, at least as long as your child is carried on the hip. But that is not the only thing we carry like this is it? We might put the laundry basket on there, or heavy items at the supermarket.

So my message to the new Mum is try and not get into the habit, but if you do, just keep the telephone number of your local McTimoney Chiropractor handy, they will save you from heartache in many years to come.

Please feel free to add a comment, I would love to hear how many of you carried a child or children like this on your hip?


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