Immunity is Everything

This week in the UK is Spinal Awareness Week, so I have spent the past few weeks either busy in my clinic, or busy on my clinic. I have been writing press releases, being asked to give interviews on radio for an upcoming event that I am facilitating, meeting with a marketing expert, updating my webshop and generally doing lots of creative stuff around my business.

Ayshire Post

Once the week is here I expect my telephone to be red hot, as all these press articles get people understanding what it is that I do, and ringing to make an appointment and get themselves checked out. Then after a few hectic weeks, I shall be taking a well earned rest, to go away somewhere sunny and write an e-book entitled

“How to Naturally Improve your Immune System”.

How does that grab you, is that something that you might be interested in getting your hands on? Absolutely Free, and for Nothing!

With the gloom and doom news in the UK, as a result of the General Election results last week, and the threat to our NHS, now might be the best time to learn to see if there is anything that we can do to enhance our immune system, and lessen the risk of succumbing to those opportunistic bugs that are everywhere.

If this is something that might interest you, then keep your eyes peeled and pop back soon, or even better still, follow my page and get regular updates as soon as they happen.

Happy Spinal Awareness Week.Poor computer posture


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