SlimFizz a Gastric Band in a Glass

As a McTimoney Chiropractor and Health Coach, I firmly advocate healthy eating, along with moderate exercise, to people who come and consult me, on any number of issues, as an all round lifestyle to maintain good health.

Being overweight, by even just a few pounds, puts increased physical stress on the lumbar spine, the low back, increasing your risk of wear and tear, osteoarthritis, and “slipped” discs, to name just a few of the problems you may encounter. On top of problems to the spine, then are a number of other health related issues connected to obesity. So it really does make good spine health sense to maintain a healthy weight.

Medical Complications of Obesity

Medical Complications of Obesity

However you only have to watch TV programmes like Channel 5’s “87 Stone, Fat Chance of Work”, to realise that there are any number of people out there who are so obese, who have no idea of what “healthy eating” means, who cannot exercise and really do need help getting them off the treadmill of obesity. They need help, and for this reason I am happy to recommend SlimFizz by Proto-col, as recently highlighted by Health Journalist, Hannah Ebelthite’s article in the Daily Mail’s on Mon 20th July 2015.

So what is SlimFizz?

The large pill looks like a Vitamin C tablet, which, when dissolved in water, tastes like orange squash. It is designed to be taken 30 minutes before a meal, and has the effect of making you feel full, and so you eat smaller portions. Giving you a “full” feeling also means that you are less likely to snack between

So what is in SlimFizz to make you feel like that?

The main ingredient is from the Konjac plant, the active ingredient being known as Glucomannan. It has long been known as a weight loss product, recognised by the European Food Standards Agency, who also class it as a cholesterol lowering supplement when 3g or more is taken. 3 SlimFizz tablets a day, 1 before each meal, would give you 4.5g.

“It is designed to aid the control of hunger and cravings to help you lose weight, rather than speed up the metabolism or block fat absorption as most diet pills do”, writes Hannah in the Daily Mail.

Being a liquid when you swallow it, means it slides down the oesophagus (food pipe) quickly, and goes to work in the stomach, where it acts as a gastric band, in fact it has been dubbed a “Gastric Band in a Glass”. Other products which contain Glucomannon in a more solid form have been known to be a choking hazard, which is why proto-col decided to make their product soluble. It sets like a gel once in the stomach, giving rise to that satisfied feeling and so limits the food intake for the individual.

A study into the efficacy of glucomannan published in the British Journal of Nutrition found those taking it lost up to 10 lb in 16 weeks compared with 1.7 lb in the group taking placebo pills. Other studies have echoed this with an average of 5.5 lb lost over eight weeks.

Now many of you reading this may think, well all it takes is willpower, cutting down on calories, and exercising more. Yes all of those things will definitely help, but for the group of people who don’t seem to know when to stop eating, or who want some help, then Slimfizz is defintiely worth considering. I would recommend combining it with a therapy such as EFT or hypnotherapy to address the emotional issues which may be leading an individual to overeat, especially if you recognise that there is an emotional component to your overindulgence.

To purchase Slimfizz in the UK, for yourself then click here.


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