Before you exercise after childbirth, read this!

A brave and honest blog about someone’s experience of exercising post-birth. Workout for a pre-pregnancy body-shape at your peril. Thanks for sharing Melanie x

Like the majority of women who have just had a baby, I wanted to get my body back. You know, lose the jiggly bum, get rid of my love handles and most importantly, get a toned and flat tummy. I couldn’t wait to get back into a solid exercise routine. I did what I was told, “wait until you get clearance from your Doctor at your 6 week checkup”. I’ll admit, I did some gentle walking here and there during my first couple of weeks of being a new mum but it was at a very slow pace and only usually around the block.

2 weeks post partumThe day before I gave birth to Millie vs two weeks postpartum

My 6 week checkup came around and my Doctor gave me the all clear that I had healed well, and everything was looking A-O-K “down there”. Right! Green light… here I go! Time to…

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2 thoughts on “Before you exercise after childbirth, read this!

  1. I can’t quite bring myself to read the full article with a month to go before giving birth (had to stop at 2nd degree tears) but will pop back in once the deed is done! She looks amazing – esp right at the day before she gave birth! Thanks for featuring something for new mums x

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