National Stress Awareness Day

In honour of National Stress Awareness Day I am writing this blog to recommend aromatherapy essential oils to help with stress.

When I think of that word, the oil that comes to mind from my days of training to be an aromatherapist is Neroli. It is a floral scent, with a hint of smoke, to my nose, think eau de cologne, 4711, which uses neroli oil in it’s preparation.The best Neroli oil is obtained from the petals of the Seville orange tree, Citrus vulgaris. It takes many petals to make even a thimbleful of oil so  cheaper versions are often made from other blossoms from different species of orange tree, such as Citrus aurantium, the sweet orange or even mandarin or lemon blossom. It is quite acceptable to buy this oil, already diluted 5% in a base oil,for use in massage or in the bath.

It’s effect on the mind are reputed to be hypnotic and somewhat euphoric, said to help relieve chronic anxiety, depression and stress. The best way to self-treat using Neroli oil is either adding a few drops to a burner (it does not give off a good aroma in a burner if pre-diluted as the base oil does not evaporate),or the bath, and relax, and inhale the aroma that is given off, whilst listening to some relaxing music.

Neroli Oil obtained from the petals of the Orange Tree

Neroli Oil obtained from the petals of the Orange Tree

3 oils that are kinder on the pocket than Neroli are lavender, lemongrass and ylang-ylang. All these oils can be obtained from A Joy of Health shop, where you can also find a book on how to start using aromatherapy for home use.

If you have any questions about using either this, or any other essential oil, please ask, and I will do my best to answer your query.

What oil do you like to use when you are stressed?


2 thoughts on “National Stress Awareness Day

  1. Just wondering if this is suitable to use and in what form of breastfeeding? Or if you could recommend something else for relaxing in the bath at the end of a hectic day/night with a newborn. I love to relax by mediating or booking in for a massage but latter is on pause for next little while x

  2. Thank you for your question Glasgowdragonfly. Congratualtions on the birth of your baby. I would probably recommend lavender for those with a baby around, as a very safe oil for anybody to use. Adding a couple of drops to the bath or onto the sheet next to the pillow. (I tend to recommend on the sheet rather than the pillow itself, as it can make your eyes water a little if it is too close to the eyes.) Tangerine and/or mandarin are also 2 oils that are safe for use around young babies, as well as chamomile, the latter being used in quite a few baby preparations to help soothe and calm. I hope this helps and please leave a comment if you would like anymore information. All of these oils, and more can be bought via this link!/100-Essential-Oils-10mls/p/56101669/category=14984047 UK sales only. Can I also recommend the book at just £1.99, an excellent resource for someone just embarking on using aromatherapy for their own home use. Blessings

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