Long Dark Winter Nights

As an avid Facebook fan, yes I admit I spend far too much time on it, I can’t help but notice the number of my friends who are talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, as the nights get longer, and we are going to and from work in the dark.  How can we help ourselves to deal with this?

Here is NHS Choices advice, and here is mine.

Remember that we are part of the animal kingdom. Many animals are slowing down and hibernating. Why should we be any different? Yet we continue to work the same hours in the Winter as we do in the Summer. I loved the fact that on a recent trip to Iceland, the shops opened at 11 am and closed at 4 pm in January. They are a country which works with nature rather than against it. I am sure they have SAD too, but at least they worked with Nature’s rhythms.

Ask yourself what is your belief about going to bed early, and staying in bed past a certain time? Many people that I come across in my clinic chastise themselves if they stay in bed past a certain hour in the morning, and call themselves lazy. That is a belief, and just a belief, which you have learnt from somebody. If you wake up past that time one morning, be kind to yourself, tell yourself that it is good to have got the rest that your body needed, and remember that many animals are sleeping more in the Winter months.

Embrace the long dark evenings and enjoy the opportunity it gives you to light a candle and watch the flame flicker. There is something primal about sitting in candlelight and just loosing yourself in the flame. This is a perfect time to start a meditation routine. Check out Deepak Chopra or Andrew Johnson


Oils associated with Christmas include Frankincense and Myrrh

Invest in some aromatherapy oils. Mystics and healers since the beginning of time, have known about the effects that different oils have had on people’s wellbeing. There are many references in the Bible to aromatherapy, Frankincense and Myrrh being 2 of the most obvious perhaps. It is no coincidence that the 3 Wise Men, who were sages or mystics, brought these as gifts to the Messiah at his birth. With Christmas approaching we can’t help but notice the fragrances around us, that are reminiscent of our childhood. Orange, clove and cinnamon, come to mind. Do you have others? Notice how the thought of those smells has on your mood. Have you smiled to yourself at the mere thought of those smells? Or have they invoked unpleasant memories? That is the power of aromatherapy, even the thought of an aroma can give you, such a sense of pleasure or pain.

So if you would like some recommendations for essential oils to help you start your aromatherapy journey in the coming dark Winter evenings, drop me a line in the comment box below.I can share with you my favourites. If you have a favourite, please share it with others.

Embrace the darkness, revel in the time it gives you to learn about new things. Remember most of nature is dormant, the leaves have been shed from the trees, the plants have hidden themselves under the Earth’s surface, but they are waiting there, ready to bloom come the Spring. How will you use the Winter to prepare yourself when the time to bloom, comes round?


One thought on “Long Dark Winter Nights

  1. Frankincense and myrrh are excellent spirit uplifters! Just as they seep from wounds to their respective trees, they are great for skin problems, such as eczema or stretch marks after childbirth. In chinese medicine, known as ru xiang and mo yao, they are good for moving qi and unblocking stagnation. Jesus and Mary Magdalene utilized these two sacred resins to heal others.

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