Testimonial Tuesday, Spreading Your Gratitude

Be the ChangeAs a Businesswoman, I am a member of several local networking groups. One of them is an all-woman affair, and today they are making an award to the lady who represents the “Spirit” of the group. The person who recieves it will have been voted for by the members, as someone who has been supportive of them. Now I must admit that I did not vote for anybody, not because I don’t think that anybody has been supportive in my business, far from it, but has anybody gone above and beyond who is in effect “Doing Their Job”. I am very grateful to those businesswomen who have done a very good job, at helping me with running my business, from the website designer, the make-up artist, the photographer, the printer, the travel agent, who organises the holidays so that I can take a break from my business, they have all done a wonderful job, and I am grateful to each and every one of them. But should I pick one of them over the other?I chose not too, instead I have chosen a different way to show my appreciation, and hope that you will join me in it. Will you? It is good for you.

Just a quick look on the internet will tell you how important and effective, gratitude is on the mental health of the individual. So my request is to ask each and every one of you who is reading this right now, to head over to someone’s facebook page, twitter account, shop premises and write a testimonial on how good they are. .  It could be your local coffee shop barista, your hairdresser or some-one you have never even met, Comfort Zonebut you have had great customer service, in the past week.

You can chose any media method, social or otherwise, just do it. You can turn up with a bunch of flowers, chocolates or their favourite magazine. You can write a review on their facebook business page, tweet or any other form of appreciaiton that you can think of.

I hope to nurture the Tuesday Testimonial, so that I develop a culture of gratitude and appreciation.

Please share with me who and how you have shown your appreciation this #TestimonialTuesday

And the Winner is………..?

The Purple Goddess is the Spiirit


3 thoughts on “Testimonial Tuesday, Spreading Your Gratitude

  1. I called my mom and thanked her for all her hard work. It’s so interesting how my outlook and appreciation has changed since I’ve become a mom. She always did her best to raise me well. 🙂

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