Ti- Tree Oil on Wednesday Wellness

Ti-tree oil, sometimes spelt Tea tree, is a very useful oil to have around, in the natural health home kit. Tea tree oil

The oil comes from the tree Melaleuca alternifolia which thrives in marshy areas. It grows to approximatley 20 feet, and has the ability to flourish even when chopped down. The oil is produced only in Australia, and has been long recognised by the indigenous people, the Aborigines for it’s healing properties. When settlers treated the plant as a weed, Aborigines used the leaves to tie around wounds, to either stop them becoming infected, or to treat an infection. It took until 1927 for it to be introduced to Europe, where the anti-septic qualities were quickly recognised. During World War II, ti-tree oil was included in the military first aid kits for use in tropical areas.

The most important use for Ti-tree is as an immune system stimulant. It activates the white blood cells to help fight infection, therefore shortening any illness. It is a strongly antiseptic oil, useful in cases of influenza, coughs colds or virus infections of any desciption.

Using ti-tree oil in baths, burners or massage in the run up to an  operation or scheduled treatment in hospital, )which we all know are full of bacteria, virus and bugs of all descriptions), will give your immune system the boost it needs to help your body fight them off.

It is a very cleansing oil, think pus of any desciption, and ti-tree is the oil of choice. On the skin, acne, sores, boils, it can be applied neat. One of the few oils that I would recommend that can be.

Tea tree


It has rather a medicinal smell, to my nose, due to the terpenes in it, and therefore not to everybody’s taste, or should that be smell, but blending it with a citrus fruit such as orange or mandarin will help to sweeten it in burners, or blend with another oil of choice for massage.

Many preparatory shampoos for treating head lice contain ti-tree as it is known that lice do not like it. I found that after washing my daughter’s hair with my normal shampoo, to comb through the hair with neat ti-tree oil was more effective than the ready-mixed shampoos.

I am taking part in the AthZChallenge in April, when I shall be writing more about aromatherapy, from AtoZ. I would be priviledged if you would like to follow my blog to learn more about this fascinating subject. Learn how you can keep your family healthy by using these very powerful oils thats cience is beginning to understand. The challenge starts on 1st April, when I shall be covering Aromatherapy, a brief overview.

Do you have a favourite oil?



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