National Fragrance Day

There’s a trend going on, on twitter for #NationalFragranceDay. Now I am sure we can all appreciate how nice it makes us feel, to smell nice can’t we? Did you know that our sense of smell is a very primitive one, and is connected to the limbic system, which is why when we smell something we like, or even dislike, we can be transported back in time to a memory.

I defy anybody to smell the after shave or perfume of your first real boy/girlfriend, and not instantly be reminded of them. that’s how powerful the sense of smell is. Take a look at this image of an essential oil? Can you smell the orange, just from the image? Have you started salivating, just by looking at the picture?

Orange essential oilBut here’s my question?

Why be content with fragrances when you can have essential oils.

April sees the month of the AtoZChallenge, where we bloggers will be challenged to write a post a day, on a subject. I have chosen Aromatherapy. Now this is going to be aimed at the general public, it is going to be in general terms, in an effort to get you to see the wonderful array of natural substances that we have at our fingertips, to help us keep healthy and smelling good too.

Enjoy today and stop press!

How amazing timing that was, just as I was about to hit post. I have just been notified that today is the day to announce your theme on the Linky List. So perfect timing.

Blessings, Now go and smell the freshness in the Spring air.



3 thoughts on “National Fragrance Day

  1. I love aromatherapy (what tiny knowledge I have of it anyway!). My current favorite scents are lavender (is there anyone that doesn’t love this), eucalyptus, and the mint family. Any of these three tend to relax me. Candles, bath salts, soaps – whatever I can do to bring them around makes me happy. It will be nice to learn about even more yummy smell options!

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