Why Did I Chose Proto-col as my Nutritional Range?

Let me tell you a story. Every year Twitter-IconI do a trade show with the Chamber of Commerce. There is a lady who I deal with each year, and I expected to see the usual ageing signs when we met for this annual event. But in 2012 she looked amazing “glowing” with health, and I asked her what her secret was? I expected it to be a man in her life, but no she told me she had discovered Green Magic. I immediately ordered a “bucketload”. I had just turned 50 and was beginning to feel it.

She took an order and left me with the details of the rest of the company’s range. I had a light-bulb moment. Collagen, the protein of the connective tissue, which as a Chiropractor made so much sense to me. I see people with plantar fasciitis, ruptured Achilles tendons,  and other signs of connective tissue dis-order, and I felt that this would enhance my Chiropractic treatment. I signed up as an Ambassador there and then. Why? Well here is my main reason:

The most important for me, after the fact that I have absolute faith in the products, is that it is British. So many of these health and wellbeing companies are American or mainland European, companies such as Body by Vi, Arbonne, Young Living, Forever Living and many others. Now I have no issues with these companies, but I am passionate about the British economy and therefore the fact that this was a British based company was a big bonus.

The more I investigate other brands the more I realise how good proto-col products are. I cannot imagine myself ever changing to another brand. I will share my comparisons of the different products in another blog soon.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a proto-col ambassador for yourself, please leave a comment, and I will be in touch. You can see more of the range here including the award winning Green Magic and Moisturiser.

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Thank you Joy



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