A is for Aromatherapy, an Introduction


Tree Which Yields the Resin for Frankincense

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, is known to have said, ” The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day.” In the 4th century BC he recognised that burning certain aromatic substances, protected against contagious diseases. The use of aromatic oils goes back to ancient times. Early civilisations give record of perfumes and aromatic oils being used, the Egyptians, the Babylonians, ancient Greeks and Romans, all have references to them in their culture. Using aromatic oils obtained from herbs, spices, flowers, twigs or any other part of a plant that you care to name, is not a New Age thing. Aromatherapy is mentioned in the Bible, just not as aromatherapy. There is mention of Hyssop, Frankincese, Spikenard and Myrrh to name a few. The name aromatherapy was given to it only around 150 years ago, when scientists began to look closely at these oils and start to name the chemical components in them, and how they might be used to treat disease. Prior to this, the knowledge would have been handed down, from midwife and priest, to those following in their footsteps. The wise woman in the woods, who knew all the plants round about her, and which one to use for each complaint, would have been commonplace. Scientists are now moving in where wise sages were before.

Over the next 26 days in April, I will be writing posts about this topic, all completely aimed at the lay-person. If you are a student of aromatherapy, or a qualified aromatherapist yourself, please bear with me, for the lack of Latin names and lack of the words sesquiterpines and polyphenols, as I do my best to introduce this fascinating subject to the blogosphere.

When I first qualified I decided to use the range of essential oils from Amphora Aromatics. They are a British based company who do high quality oils, without any fancy packaging, perfect for the professional. I decided to stock them in my health clinic, and since the rise of the internet and online shopping, now sell them on my website for the UK.

It is often said that if you feel drawn to an oil, then you probably need to use it. I have certainly noticed that over the years of using them for myself, my nose has certainly altered as to my favourite oils.

I would love to answer any questions that my reader here may have. Just ask in the comment box, and I will do my best. Suggestions for oils and blends in use in treating medical conditions on here, are not a recommendation, but a suggestion. I have over 20 years of experience in using these oils to help people, but they have asked for a Consultation and I have considered the information obtained at this consultation to carefully choose the oils to blend for them. When choosing oils I take into account not just the physical but also the psychological aspects of the person’s personality, before choosing the oils for them. However there are certain blends that I find myself returning to.

Come with me on this journey

Blessings Joy

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Tomorrow the letter B, learn about blends, basil, bergamot and black pepper.



9 thoughts on “A is for Aromatherapy, an Introduction

    • Thank you Pascale, for your kind words. Is there anything that you would like to know, please ask, and I will make sure that I have covered it somewhere. I have written most of my posts and have them scheduled, but I keep thinking of different ways to putting things, so am constantly editing. How about you? Blessings Joy

      • I’m starting from scratch in the aromatherapy and essential oils. I’ve always thought that there would be ways to help Emily sleep better, digest better, learn better that were naturals but between all the doctors, therapies and conserving my sanity 😊 I ran out of time and the books stayed closed.

        Our posts for the challenge are far from being ready as I rely heavily on Emily to provide some input with her writing. So far she’s done up to the letter “d”. I’m hoping the comments we are receiving will help me keep her motivated!

      • Constipation is a real bummer isn’t it? Gentle abdominal massage is great for keeping things moving in the bowel. That’s given me an idea too thanks! I had hoped to do some video recordings for some of my posts, this 1 being just 1, as I thought it might be better to watch a clip, rather than read through lots of words, but I have had a nasty cold over the past few days and am hardly the picture of health. 😉 Blessings Joy

      • We’ve been dealing with constipation since the get go. What I think is a really painful state is our daughter’s normal. She doesn’t complain but she doesn’t want us touching her tummy, it’s always a challenge to try and help her through this.

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