E is for Everyday Use

For the past 23 years ever since I qualified as an aromatherapist in 1993, it has been a part of my daily life. I would like to give you an idea of how I have used it in the past, and how I use it now.

Morning Ritual:

Shower using a base shower gel with the added essential oils grapefruit, basil & neroli. Basil and grapefruit are for waking me up, whilst neroli is for mananging the stress of the day.

Wash hair with base shampoo with added rosemary, neroli and orange. Orange can be quite strong for use on the skin, but I like to smell of it on my hair.

Body Lotion: Apply body lotion base lotion with added Rose and Frankincense. As a lady of slightly more maturer years I use Frankincese and Rose, which is a classic combination for the mature skin. When I qualified 23 years ago, I would have used Rose Geranium as it was a great way of keeping PMT under control. I went through the menopause with very little in the way of symptoms.

Foot Lotion In a jar of coconut oil I have added tea-tree and hyssop oil to use on my feet. As someone who is on their feet all day in the clinic, Athlete's foot remedyI find that this blend is lovely for keeping my feet feeling and smelling fresh, and keeps the athlete’s foot at bay.

Burner When I get to work, in the Chiropractic clinic I will use the burner to keep the place smelling nice, and to keep the bugs at bay. I will use the anti-bacterial, anti-viral essential oils such as Ti-tree, Eucalyptus or Cajuput, which are all quite medicinal in aroma, to these I will add a citrus oil, such as Lemon, orange or Lemongrass. I might also include a herb to this such as Rosemary or Basil.

When I get back home for the evening I will often light the burner to cover up the smells of the tea cooking. May Chang is wonderful for this.

Bath Relaxing in a bath at the end of the day is a wonderful way to leave the day behind and relax for the evening, and get ready for sleep. Some essential oils are not really suitable for adding to the bath as I found out for myself, when I noticed that my skin was burning from the orange that I had added to the running bath water. Now I use oils such as Lavendar, Rose, Chamomile, Ylang-ylang. E is for Everyday use-2

Meditation Several evenings a week I will spend an hour or so meditating and praying whilst having a burner lit and using sacred oils such as frankincense, spikenard, myrhh or patchouli along with a citrus oil.

Massage If I am in luck my husband will offer to massage my back before we go to sleep. Then in a base oil I will add Jasmine or Rose. Try it for yourself 😉

Amphora Aromatherapy essential Oils available here:


11 thoughts on “E is for Everyday Use

    • Good question and thanks for asking Lori.I get my base lotions, shampoo, gels etc from the same place as I get my essential oils, which is a place called Amphora Aromatics, in the UK. Where are you and I will see what I can find for you? Blessings Joy

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