J is for Jasmine & Juniper

Jasmine:                              Jasminum officinale                              Keyword: Aphrodisiac

This is one of the most expensive oils and is often referred to as the King of Oils. It’s heady exotic aroma and makes a luxurious massage oil. It is one of the essential oils that I would recommend buying already diluted in oil, due to the cost. 5% in base oil puts it in most people’s pocket. Use as mentioned in blends, or add to runing water in the bath.

Amphora jasmin diluted

5% Jasmin in Grapeseed



Unrivalled in childbirth for it’s abilty to strengthen contractions and give pain relief. Use in massage blend from 37 weeks. Useful post-birth to give a lift to the spirit’s to deal with PND.

Not to be used on children.


Juniper:                               Juniperus communis                  Keyword: Toxin elimination

Distilled from the Juniper berry. The main qualities are in it’s blood cleansing and detoxification. Useful in urinary problems such as infections. Also useful in cases of arthritis. Amphora Juniper

Personal testimony of dealing with sluggishness brought on by eating Chinese food. Used to feel really lethargic the day after a Chinese takeaway until I stumbled upon Juniper oil and used it in a burner when eating my Chinese take-away. Lethargy the day after is now a thing of the past.


Tomorrow K is for Kernels and Koalas



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