W is for Wise Woman or Witch

When I began the AtoZChallenge I struggled to find a word beginning with W. For most of April I was going to do “Water” and talk about taking a bath, and adding an essential oil or two under the running water, but about a week ago, one of my regulars came to see me for Chiropractic treatment. He had had a very painful big toe the last time he had been to see me, and as the McTimoney method of Chiropractic is a whole body technique, he asked me to avoid touching his toe that day. Well a month later I must admit I had forgotten about it, and inadvertently pulled his big toe. He yelped. I apologised.

We met the very next day, at a business networking event, which is when he said that I was a witch! I had healed his toe which had been painful for months!

So thank you Bobby for giving me my W.

Wise woman or Witch, Witch or Wise Women. In most cultures in antiquity it was the Wise Woman who was the keeper of the herbs, and knew exactly which plant to use to make the compress, to keep her family and the rest of the community healthy. It was the Wise Woman who sat with the birthing Mother, who brewed tea of the herbal variety when a child was feverish, it was the Wise Woman who sat with the dying, helping the Soul to birth into the next world, using her skills and knowledge to make that journey as peaceful as possible. It has been many a year since I left the Nursing profession, when I took great deal of pride and satisfaction in caring for the dying, even without a bag of herbs to help ease their journey. It was not needed, we had 20th Century drugs to do that instead. And so I watched many a tortured body fight it’s way out of this world and into the next, wherever that is. I have my faith, but understand that not everybody reading this has the same belief, so I leave it to you to imagine where the next world is.

In researching for this post I came across the work of Susun Weed and Corinna Wood, who express the sentiment that Wise Women are still around, caring for their families, cooking healthy meals for them, and mopping fevered brows when their child has a fever, but to my mind they are far more likely to be reaching for the calpol or ibuprofen rather than trusting their knowledge of local woodland plants or herbs that they are growing in their herb garden. But it made me realise that all my life I have been a Wise Woman. Yes I have tried to feed my family healthy nutritious meals to keep them from getting sick. I did my best, they did not always appreciate what I was trying to do. As I write this I am in the middle of a Nutrition course, I am still adding to my knowledge all the time. My family have left the coop, and I have more time on my hands to take care of others, and become even wiser still.

I am so grateful to the AtoZChallenge, for giving me the opportunity to gain an even deeper love and appreciation for my smelly friends than I had when I started the challenge. I have invested in different oils, oils that I have discovered, ones that were mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. I have been given the opportunity to work with people who have been given the diagnosis of cancer. I pray that God will give me the Wisdom to work gracefully with this people. I have another blog called This Pilgrims Progress. I started it years ago, but never really kept up with it. Maybe now is the time to write down my learnings from this next step on the journey with aromatherapy on that blog, and who knows maybe next April I will be writing my AtoZchallenge from there. Here are a few more Wise Women that I discovered as part of the challenge.




For now I will leave you, my Nimbus 2000 is waiting to take me up to bed, where the Wise One is sleeping. Must be the potion I gave him earlier.

Blessings Joy

9 thoughts on “W is for Wise Woman or Witch

    • Oh Thank you, not quite sure what “digging in my cave” means, but I feel as though I am breaking free of the confines that have bound me for many years. The Chiropractic profession does not allow me to be the Wise Woman that I know that I am, so am open to the Universe to show me the way, probably more aromatherapy and working with pregnancy and birthing women. Blessings Joy xx

      • Oh! LOL Sorry. I thought it was the About Impromptu Promptlings page you left your post on. I talk about spelunking in the cave of my soul on that page. For me it just means taking a gander inside to see what I’m made of. 🙂

  1. I really liked your post, but I’m curious why you did W, after R, and W is not until Wednesday. Nonetheless, many a wise woman has been called a witch and vice-verca through the centuries. I guess, as Jesus said, “wisdom is justified by her children”. Keep up the good work with healing others, and good luck with whatever you are doing with 2016 A to Z. Oh, interesting banner as well. I thought I misread it as first.All the best.

    • Thanks for the like! It was a scheduling mistake, completely unintended. But as I hadn’t actually finished writing S when W published itself, I thought I would let it stand. S will come out on Mon, and I am now going to finish it. Blessings Joy x

    • Me too Wendy, although I am not too sure that there ever was a hiccup. The universe just hadn’t given me the info to write S when S was due. Funny how the Universe does that isn’t it? Blessings and will now head over and check out your challenge. How have you found it? Blessings Joy

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