Z is for Zingiber officinale

Amphora gingerGinger               Zingiber officinale              Keyword: Digestive

This lovely warming oil should be used in small doses. Great for bilious attacks and travel sickness. Great in a burner with orange.

It is a wonderful oil for use in a blend for muscular aches and pains especially after physical activity. Should be avoided on sensitive skin so best to do a skin test before using on large areas of the skin

Not for use with children at any age.


Well we have come to the end of the AtoZChallenge. I have loved having so many of you along and leaving so many wonderful comments. I am glad to have given you an insight into the wonderful world of aromatherapy, and how you can help keep yourself healthy with these natural products.

Blessings Joy


10 thoughts on “Z is for Zingiber officinale

  1. Essential oils are really on an upswing. I have another friend who is adding them to her health/nutrition business (Empowering Health on FB). Browsing through your posts, looks like they have another benefit: lots of interesting words to blog about for the hard letters of the alphabet 🙂

    • Thanks Lissa, more and more people are turning to natural products to help look after themselves, as we begin to appreciate that allopathic medicine leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to leaving us feel beter, and not just change one symptom for another as side effects of the treatment are common. I wish your friend the best of luck. And yes it was an interesting challenge, finding words for some of the letters. Blessings Joy

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