Del & The Doctors

There are fewer people in this world who are doing more to highlight the truth about vaccines than Del Bigtree.

Thursday evening 7 pm in the UK, is the highlight of my week, listening to The HighWire.

This is last weeks episode.

Come and join us. You can find Del on most social media platforms, and he has a website I CAN DECIDE

There are other people who deserve a mention, several of whom have already been part of my AtoZChallenge.

Doctor Suzanne Humphries

Doctor Sherri Tenpenny

Dr Toni Bark

Dr Paul Thomas

Dr Lawrence Pawelesky

Robert F Kennedy Jnr ok not a doctor, but he’s right up there.

The Truth is Like a Lion

Then we have some doctors who really don’t deserve a mention, for the lies that they spread: They accuse those who are well read up on the topic of vaccines as spreading fake news, but believe me, the following names are medical people (I refuse to use the word professionals) who spread fake news big time.

Dr Paul Offit aka Dr Profit

Dr Peter Hotez

Dr Stanley Plotkin aka the Godfather of vaccines, or just “pure evil”

The truth is getting out there. Keep reading. See you on the Highwire! Step out onto the Highwire.



PS just heard that I am a Top Fan of Del’s! Awesome!!!






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