Killing for Profit Digested.

At the end of April, experts met at the European Parliament to speak about the truth, that is happening in our health system. It is frightening listening, I posted the link in a post

earlier today. The whole youtube is over 2 hours long, so I am going to paraphrase it in a number of posts in the next few days, breaking it down into small bite size chunks, so that you have the knowledge to go and challenge your doctor over medications that they recommend you take for life, namely statins, and how you can take the responsibilty for your own health.

Lifestyle Changes are MORE powerful than drugs, at preventing and treating Heart Disease.

Good Health to you All




Big Food & Big Pharma Killing for Profit

Do you think your doctor is more interested in your health than their bottom line? This is a must see production, from the European Parliament in Brussels.

This is over 2 hours long, so I am going to break it down into small bite-sized chunks in the coming days and weeks, with Posts entitled: Killing for Profit Digested If you can’t watch 2 hours worth, then these are for you.

Good health to you



Your Rights in Vaccination

Date: Wednesday April 18 Time: 9:00 PM Eastern USA time zone (6:00 PM Pacific) Link to page: CLICK HERE I’ll be joined by Vaccine Injury and Exemption Attorney Patricia Finn… You may remember Patricia from the Vaccines Revealed series. Her story is incredible–she’s literally been threatened by the state of New York for her pursuit of […]

via Your vaccination rights are in danger … FREE webcast 18 April on your rights, featuring vaccine injury & exemption attorney — Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

The transformation of a Jelly Baby

Did you make any New Year Resolutions this year? Have you kept them up? Or have you failed miserably yet again to make this year, the year you change your life, yourself, your level of fitness, or any other challenge that you set yourself on 31st December year x?

Let’s be honest, we have all done it haven’t we? Promised ourselves that this year will be THE year to make the change and the difference So how are you doing?

For me, with a birthday in January, and a daughter who also has a Birthday in the first 2 weeks of the year, it was never going to be a good month to stay off the alcohol, the chocolates, the cake now was it? So we celebrate in style, and look forward to February when we can set our goals, knowing that the days are getting longer, the evenings are getting lighter, and it is oh so much easier to race round the streets after tea. And let’s be honest the promise of summer just around the corner is always a good time to think of lying on the beach, and just how are the tops of my legs going to look in my cossie this year? I probably have this thought every year, and tell myself that I will have slim thighs by June, but fail miserably. But this year is going to be different, and just what has made me get up off the couch and go and do something this year?

Well it was episode 1 of Apple Tree Yard, a psycholgical thriller that is on our TV at the moment. The main character is a post-menopausal woman who says that her physique resembles that of a Jelly Baby, and boy did that hit a chord! It was funny, but also the bitter truth, my body too is squidgy in places which resembles that of a favourite sweet.

So yesterday I set some goals.

Starting point:

Weight 11 stone/ 151 lbs

Vital Statistics  32 33 43 not so much a jelly baby as a pear drop

Resting Heart Rate 70 bpm

Exercise Nil

My goals: To run a 5 km fun run in May and a 10 km run in aid of charity in Sept. Get my weight down to 140 lbs in May and 130 lbs in Sept.

To transform this Jelly Baby into a Pear Drop, less squidgy, more hard muscle, but still sweet all the way through

Today I joined a gym and walked/jogged/ran 1 kilometre in 10 minutes 16 seconds, and got my heart rate up to 144 bpm.




1 day to go until the AtoZChallenge begins

Amphora rose otto dilutedJust 1 day to go until this years AtoZChallenge gets under way on Friday 1st April. I spent the 4 days of the Easter holidays planning my blog posts to keep my followers happy and informed on the fascinating topic of aromatherapy. Have you ever wondered about those gorgeous aromatic liquids in their dark glass bottles? Have you considered using them but don’t know where to start? Then keep an eye out for my daily post, bring you information, my experience and hopefully shed some light on my smelly friends who live in dark places.

Come and meet them, and hopefully you will make some new friends too.

Blessings Joy

Ayr Seaforth Athletics Sponsorship

Well after months of hard work by one local videographer, I am pleased to announce the launch of the promotional videos of my local athletics club, Ayr Seaforth. I am extremely happy to have been allowed to sponsor this video, as I am a firm believer of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, and this club has a very good reputation locally for bringing on young athletes and promoting a sense of belonging between the members.

So what are the Health Benefits of Physical Exercise?

  1. Running Makes You Happier: Exercise releases the bodies own “happy” chemicals, endorphins, even after a reasonably short burst of activity. A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise in 2006, showed that even 30 minutes on a treadmill was enough to lift the mood of someone suffering from a major depressive disorder. Physical activity is an alternative to anti-depressants for treating depression, according to a study in May 2013, in the same journal.
  2. Running Gives You Better Body Shape: Running will give you a more defined body, as any excess body fat is developed into muscle. When you exercise, you will burn more calories than when you are sedentary, and this continues for quite a while after you stop, the length of time dependant on activity. Prof Greg Whyte OBE recommends short sharp bursts of activity throughout the day, rather than 1 long session, such as an hour at the gym. Activity above exercise. Doing a 1 hour workout and then sitting down for the other 23 hours is not the way to do it, so incorporate star jumps or skipping into your day. get up from your seat every 20-30 minutes and do some on the spot jogging. Stop right NOW and JUST DO IT! Post in the comments below what you did and how it made you feel please.
  3. Running Will Keep You More Mentally Alert: Regular exercise helps defeat mental decline associated with age. A study in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review published in Dec 2012 came to the conclusion that regular exercise helps with particular functions such as task switching, selective attention and working memory. Fitter elderly people scored better that their unfit peers. 1 amazing benefit noted in stroke victims was an increase by 50% in memory, language, thinking and judgement
  4. Running Reduces Your Risk of Developing Certain Cancers: Epidemiological studies in the Journal of Nutrition showed that regular exercise is associated with a lower risk of certain cancers, and can help people diagnosed with cancer to cope with treatment, when they feel able.
  5. Physical Activity Prolongs Your Life. Just 30 minutes, 5 times a week increase your life span, but if you read point 2 you will know that short sharp bursts are better than longer periods. Even smokers can add years to their lives by doing some form of regular exercise. Cancer survivors increased their life expectancy by 5.3 years. Now isn’t that worth knowing?
  6. Running Strengthens Your Bones: Any weight-bearing activity strengthens your bones, and is better for you in preventing osteoporosis that drinking a pint of milk a day. Weight-bearing exercise increases bone mass and has the added bonus of stemming the age-related bone loss. Science has proven that the old adage “running is bad for your knees” is just not true. According to Boston University, the opposite is true and it improves knee health, probably due to the increase in muscle strength to the muscles that are attached by tendons, around the knee-joint. What they may experience more, is damage to the soft tissue, in the tendons or the ligaments, which is why I recommend a collagen supplement for those people who come to me for treatment, who are keen runners.

So now that the Spring weather is here, with the clocks Springing forward this weekend, can I encourage you to increase your physical activity. I would love to know how you are getting on, and how you are feeling.

Blessings Have a Lovely Easter

Joy,  Leader of #TeamJoy







Ti- Tree Oil on Wednesday Wellness

Ti-tree oil, sometimes spelt Tea tree, is a very useful oil to have around, in the natural health home kit. Tea tree oil

The oil comes from the tree Melaleuca alternifolia which thrives in marshy areas. It grows to approximatley 20 feet, and has the ability to flourish even when chopped down. The oil is produced only in Australia, and has been long recognised by the indigenous people, the Aborigines for it’s healing properties. When settlers treated the plant as a weed, Aborigines used the leaves to tie around wounds, to either stop them becoming infected, or to treat an infection. It took until 1927 for it to be introduced to Europe, where the anti-septic qualities were quickly recognised. During World War II, ti-tree oil was included in the military first aid kits for use in tropical areas.

The most important use for Ti-tree is as an immune system stimulant. It activates the white blood cells to help fight infection, therefore shortening any illness. It is a strongly antiseptic oil, useful in cases of influenza, coughs colds or virus infections of any desciption.

Using ti-tree oil in baths, burners or massage in the run up to an  operation or scheduled treatment in hospital, )which we all know are full of bacteria, virus and bugs of all descriptions), will give your immune system the boost it needs to help your body fight them off.

It is a very cleansing oil, think pus of any desciption, and ti-tree is the oil of choice. On the skin, acne, sores, boils, it can be applied neat. One of the few oils that I would recommend that can be.

Tea tree


It has rather a medicinal smell, to my nose, due to the terpenes in it, and therefore not to everybody’s taste, or should that be smell, but blending it with a citrus fruit such as orange or mandarin will help to sweeten it in burners, or blend with another oil of choice for massage.

Many preparatory shampoos for treating head lice contain ti-tree as it is known that lice do not like it. I found that after washing my daughter’s hair with my normal shampoo, to comb through the hair with neat ti-tree oil was more effective than the ready-mixed shampoos.

I am taking part in the AthZChallenge in April, when I shall be writing more about aromatherapy, from AtoZ. I would be priviledged if you would like to follow my blog to learn more about this fascinating subject. Learn how you can keep your family healthy by using these very powerful oils thats cience is beginning to understand. The challenge starts on 1st April, when I shall be covering Aromatherapy, a brief overview.

Do you have a favourite oil?