Generations in the Clinic


Healthy Generations

One of the most satisfying things in my Chiropractic clinic is seeing several members of the same family come for treatment. This past few weeks I have had two or three retired men come to see me, and within a couple of treatments, they are coming back and saying that their wife would also like an appointment with me. That is always a good sign that I must be doing something right. Same generation.

Today I saw three generations of the same family. The first member to come was actually pregnant with the next generation when she came to see me. After giving birth, her son was brought to me for a check up, to see if his birth had caused any misalingments. To read more about how birth can cause a baby problems, please have a look at my website.

Today Grandma came in to see me for her first treatment. It was the first time in 17 years of being a Chiropractor that I had to do the questioning for the consultation and explanation via an interpeter, as Grandma is from Poland. She is over in the UK to help her daughter adjust back to work. To those of you who know me, you will wonder how I managed to get through a whole treatment without talking. It was strange to say the least, but the look of relief on her face was enough to know that despite not being able to verbally communicate, her pain was much diminished, and the hug was in a language that anybody could understand.

What do each generation in your family share, as a common ground?

Blessings Joy



S is for Sacred Spaces

Mama 2016 Conference

OK so how many of you noticed that I posted W instead of S on Friday? It was a scheduling mis-calculation, or was it? I had been pretty up together on my AtoZChallenge, writing so much of it over the 4 day Easter Holiday and scheduling them, although I have to admit that as the month has gone on, posts have been edited and re-edited as things have happened that I wanted to include as my way of journaling what effect this challenge has had on not just me, but my practice as well. But S just wasn’t coming to mind, and now I know why.

I have just been on an amazing 2 day Conference called the MaMa Conference, which was held right on my doorstep, right here in Ayr. It is organised by the most amazing woman, Cass McNamara, who is an Independent Midwife, the inventor of the “CUB” a unique “seat” which encourages women to birth upright and organiser of MaMa Conferences. So what has this got to do with aromatherapy and S.

Well for those of you who have ever been around a birthing woman, you will know just what a sacred space you are in. It is a space that we must keep holy, for the birth process to play out. The dance of Mother and Baby as they work together to bring the baby Earthside, is a very sacred thing indeed. When the Space is allowed to remain Sacred then a wonderful thing happens. When it is upset and becomes a place of Science rather than Sacred that is when we have women feeling disempowered, disappointed and failures. As I sat and listened to all these people, mainly women, talk about the things that they are doing to return the birth environment to a Sacred Space, I felt priviledged to be among them. I must admit I have not always felt part of the female half of the species. I have never really got the whole “women together” thing, but as I took part in the tribal, hip swaying I began to experience what unites us. As I was mesmorised by the buttocks in front of me, doing the pelvic movements, whilst on our hands and knees, I glimpsed a thin veil of connectedness to all the birthing women who had gone before me. I felt the Earthly pull of the female spirit calling me to join them.  I am truly becoming a Wise Woman as I get older, and looking forward to developing my skills in many Sacred Spaces.

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Thank you for joining me in this Sacred Space.

Blessings Joy




P is for Pregnancy, Patchouli, Petitgrain & Peppermint


This weekend I will be attending the MaMa Conference in Ayr, Scotland, and bringing the delights of my talents in the field of pregnancy and birth. Mama Conference 2016Aromatherapy is suitable for use during pregnancy and labour, but careful consideration needs to be used when choosing the essential oil in pregnancy, as so many have the ability to regulate the menstrual cycle, and therefore need to be avoided in the early stages of pregnancy. I am therefore not going to list the oils here, as I would prefer anyone thinking of using aromatherapy during pregnancy and labour to consult someone who has experience in using them. I will however share my experience and stories with you.

When I was heavily pregnant with my daughter, I was fortunate enough to have the offer from my Community Midwife, to come into hospital with me, and help me with her birth. Due to the midwife’s own family commitments, and my being 10 days late, I needed to go into labour before Sunday. I woke up Saturday morning feeling some pains, so I got up, and they stopped. I waited all day for them to return, but they didn’t, so I ran myself a bath and added Clary Sage and Jasmine to the water, and soaked in there for half an hour. At 6 pm I went to bed and woke up at 10 pm, having had a great sleep, to find myself in labour. To cut a long story short, my daughter was born just over 12 hours later at 11.16 am on Sunday morning, with my Community Midwife there to assist.

Since giving birth, I trained as a McTimoney Chiropractor, with a keen interest in working with pregnant ladies, helping them to prepare their bodies, especially getting the pelvis in alignment, to give them the maximum chance of giving birth naturally. For one of my clients, she unfortunately had a smallbleed whilst in labour, so was monitored closely, so her husband was unable to massage her back and belly as she would have wished, with the blend of Jasmine and Clary Sage that I had made up for them to use from 37 week onwards.

Instead he applied the oil to the pulse points on her wrist, and to the amazement of the midwife in attendance, her contractions were much more efficient when the oil was applied. The midwife was so interested that she asked them not to put the oil on so that she could observe the force of the contraction, and it was a less effective contraction!

So well worth giving aromatherapy a go in my opinion and experience! But please consult an aromatherapist who has had training in this area.

Oils Beginning with the Letter P

  Patchouli                            Pogostemon patchouli                    Keyword: Pervasive

Amphora PatchouliWidely used in traditional Indian medicine, Patchouli has a sweet musky fragrance which may be a bit pervasive for some. It is often used as a base for perfume. It has a reputation for being the “hippy” oil of the 60’s. Like no other oil, Patchouli is a marmite oil, you either love it or hate it.

It is useful in curbing the appetite, as well as helping to firm up loose skin, so a useful oil in dieting and tightening up any loose skin which may result in weight loss. Care must be taken when using patchouli as although generally sedating, as a base note, it can be stimulating if overused.

Not suitable for young children


Peppermint                                            Mentha piperita                          Keyword: Cooling

Most of us have probably used peppermint oil, possibly without even knowing that we are doing so. Peppermint is an ingredient of many sweets, or candies, and many of us will have popped a mint in our mouths to help settle a stomach, or used mints in a situation where we want to stay awake, due to it being a top note. Peppermint is renowned for it’s action on the digestive system. Amphora Peppermint

Beware of using Peppermint if taking homeopathic remedies.

USEFUL HINT: Many insects and vermin do not like peppermint and I have heard that spiders don’t take kindly to it either. I once used it to keep ants at bay, and spent hours watching them avoid the trail of peppermint oil that I had laid in the hallway.


Petitgrain                        Citrus Vulgaris/aurantium                    Keyword: Panic and Anxiety

Amphora petitgrainPetitgrain is one of three oils obtained from the Orange tree, the other oils being Orange and Neroli. It is distilled from the leaves and shoots and is a popular oil used in cologne.

It is useful in states of panic and anxiety. Neroli is the oil of choice for stress, but as it is very expensive, petitgrain is a cheaper alternative.

Tomorrow is Q so it is over to you for Questions.

Thanks for reading, Blessings Joy


Immunity is Everything

This week in the UK is Spinal Awareness Week, so I have spent the past few weeks either busy in my clinic, or busy on my clinic. I have been writing press releases, being asked to give interviews on radio for an upcoming event that I am facilitating, meeting with a marketing expert, updating my webshop and generally doing lots of creative stuff around my business.

Ayshire Post

Once the week is here I expect my telephone to be red hot, as all these press articles get people understanding what it is that I do, and ringing to make an appointment and get themselves checked out. Then after a few hectic weeks, I shall be taking a well earned rest, to go away somewhere sunny and write an e-book entitled

“How to Naturally Improve your Immune System”.

How does that grab you, is that something that you might be interested in getting your hands on? Absolutely Free, and for Nothing!

With the gloom and doom news in the UK, as a result of the General Election results last week, and the threat to our NHS, now might be the best time to learn to see if there is anything that we can do to enhance our immune system, and lessen the risk of succumbing to those opportunistic bugs that are everywhere.

If this is something that might interest you, then keep your eyes peeled and pop back soon, or even better still, follow my page and get regular updates as soon as they happen.

Happy Spinal Awareness Week.Poor computer posture

60 Years Ago On This Date!

60 years ago today, on the 6th May 1954, much of the country was ecstatic because Roger Bannister, now Sir Roger, was the first man to break the 4 minute barrier for the mile. What I only recently discovered was that he had been the firm favourite for the 1500 metre 1952 Olympic gold in Helsinki, but he had done little training compared to the rest of the field, and when they introduced a semi-final round into the schedule, he was unprepared, and despite qualifying for the final, he came 4th, despite setting a new British record. He nearly gave up running  but set his sights on running under 4 minutes for the mile.

For those of you who follow my blog for the writing interest, then what intrigues me about that day is what my Mother thought on that day, because it was her eighteenth birthday. Now I know that in 1954 your 21st Birthday was the Biggie, that was when you got the “Key o’ the Door”! But 18 in my mind was still significant.

She was already married, she had wed on 27th March of that year, and as she told me many years later, it was the only way that she could escape from her mother. How many women back then saw marriage as the only way to leave home? Like Roger Bannister I believe that she was totally unprepared. Her husband, a certain Mr John Smith, yep honestly that was his name, was a scientist I believe. I say I believe because she did not remain married to him for very long, and in true Mummy form, she invented all sorts of stories to protect herself from that period of her life. Trying to untangle the web that she wove has not been easy, when attempting to trace my beginnings, looking for a certain Mr John Smith in archives is not easy, especially when you don’t know much about him.

What I think I know is that she wanted to have a baby and he didn’t! She was unprepared for the repercussions that that would have years and years later, as she was a very determined lady and went about starting a family without his approval.

All of the above was written a couple of days ago, in preparation for today, my Mother’s birthday and the 60th anniversary of the sub 4 minute mile. As is often the case, I start to write a post with no idea where it is actually going to end. So it is the case with this one too, only for quite tragic reasons. I found out today that the eldest son of a friend of mine commited suicide over the weekend.


I guess you might say that that is a preparation that you will never make, because it is something that you pray will never happen to you, and never think about making preparations for. How prepared are we for life?

Critiquing my work “Rhythms of Abandonment”

2 nights ago I went to my second meeting of the Ayr Writers’ Club, where we reviewed each other’s writing. The previous week there had been a workshop on poetry, and we had been asked if we had any work that we were willing to read out to the group. As it was my very first time of meeting everybody, and the only poetry  that I had written, was work on my adoption, I decided not to stand up in front of a room of strangers and read aloud something that is very raw to me and makes me want to cry sometimes. However the second week I was willing to take it along to have it critiqued by my fellow Writers.

For those of you who haven’t read this piece, I will repeat it here, and for those of you who have read it before, can you spot the amendments from the first version?


Rhythms of Abandonment

I listened to the rhythms of your body

Your heartbeat, your footsteps, your breathing

Endured your tossing and turning

Between relationships

Now you want me, now you don’t

Do I have a say in the matter?

Apparently not!


Squeezing, more bodily rhythms

Lowing like cattle, roaring like a lion

Outside now, not at your breast or in your arms

Just hearing the rhythm of your footsteps

Fading away, you didn’t even take one look

An ice cold bath thrown over me

Severed Love!



The piece was appreciated for it’s subtlety. Initially some thought it was a rejected lover, others a baby. Poses so many questions, “powerful” and “intriquing”. They thought the piece might be improved by losing the exclamation marks!

Their favourite line was the first one “I listened to the rhythms of your body”


Were they right? What do you think?




Rhythms of Abandonment

I listened to the rhythms of your body

Your heartbeat, your footsteps, your stomach

Endured your tossing and turning

Between relationships.

Now you want me, now you don’t

Do I have a say in the matter?

Apparently not!

Squeezing, more of natures’ rhythms

Lowing like cattle, roaring like a lion

Outside now, not at your breast nor in your arms

Just hearing the rhythm of your footsteps,

Fading away, you didn’t even look at me

Tough love!

Joy Rivett-Gill Jan 29th 2014

Please comment on how you found this piece affected you. Did you understand it? Any feedback gratefully received. This is the second piece of work on this theme.

Joy Rivett-Gill is the recognised author of this work. Copywrite rules apply, Please refer to this blog if copying all or part of this work. Thank you for reading, and commenting. Bless you 


business2business event

Inspired by the zerotohero, today I am going to add a photo of my work. As someone who has blogged for several months I have learnt how to upload photos, and have given you an idea perhaps that I like to travel and take one or two photographs when I do so. So today’s photo is going to have a work element to it. This photo was taken at a Business to Business event that I had a stand at.


Any questions about any of the items on my stand in the photo please ask! Namaste