Long Dark Winter Nights

As an avid Facebook fan, yes I admit I spend far too much time on it, I can’t help but notice the number of my friends who are talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, as the nights get longer, and we are going to and from work in the dark.  How can we help ourselves to deal with this?

Here is NHS Choices advice, and here is mine.

Remember that we are part of the animal kingdom. Many animals are slowing down and hibernating. Why should we be any different? Yet we continue to work the same hours in the Winter as we do in the Summer. I loved the fact that on a recent trip to Iceland, the shops opened at 11 am and closed at 4 pm in January. They are a country which works with nature rather than against it. I am sure they have SAD too, but at least they worked with Nature’s rhythms.

Ask yourself what is your belief about going to bed early, and staying in bed past a certain time? Many people that I come across in my clinic chastise themselves if they stay in bed past a certain hour in the morning, and call themselves lazy. That is a belief, and just a belief, which you have learnt from somebody. If you wake up past that time one morning, be kind to yourself, tell yourself that it is good to have got the rest that your body needed, and remember that many animals are sleeping more in the Winter months.

Embrace the long dark evenings and enjoy the opportunity it gives you to light a candle and watch the flame flicker. There is something primal about sitting in candlelight and just loosing yourself in the flame. This is a perfect time to start a meditation routine. Check out Deepak Chopra or Andrew Johnson


Oils associated with Christmas include Frankincense and Myrrh

Invest in some aromatherapy oils. Mystics and healers since the beginning of time, have known about the effects that different oils have had on people’s wellbeing. There are many references in the Bible to aromatherapy, Frankincense and Myrrh being 2 of the most obvious perhaps. It is no coincidence that the 3 Wise Men, who were sages or mystics, brought these as gifts to the Messiah at his birth. With Christmas approaching we can’t help but notice the fragrances around us, that are reminiscent of our childhood. Orange, clove and cinnamon, come to mind. Do you have others? Notice how the thought of those smells has on your mood. Have you smiled to yourself at the mere thought of those smells? Or have they invoked unpleasant memories? That is the power of aromatherapy, even the thought of an aroma can give you, such a sense of pleasure or pain.

So if you would like some recommendations for essential oils to help you start your aromatherapy journey in the coming dark Winter evenings, drop me a line in the comment box below.I can share with you my favourites. If you have a favourite, please share it with others.

Embrace the darkness, revel in the time it gives you to learn about new things. Remember most of nature is dormant, the leaves have been shed from the trees, the plants have hidden themselves under the Earth’s surface, but they are waiting there, ready to bloom come the Spring. How will you use the Winter to prepare yourself when the time to bloom, comes round?


Winter draws on!


I don’t know about where you live, but the weather here in Scotland has taken a turn for the worse. High winds and gales, which can all play havoc with the skin, drying it out giving rise to more lines and wrinkles. So today’s special offers are designed to moisturise the skin to keep your skin looking and feeling soft and smooth.

Moisturising Facial Gel   

A luxury daily moisturising gel with the highest quality ingredients that make this product a highgrade anti-ageing treatment. Rich in vitamins and other plant based ingreients, this moisturiser is firming, lifting and hydrating leaving your skin feeling soft smooth and supple.

The packaging of this products makes it suitable for both men, as well as women. It is non-scented, unlike many moisturisers, again suiting the male market. It will not compete with perfume or aftershave worn by the individual. Normally

Key Ingredients

As with many of the products in the Proto-col range, plant derived collagen is one of the main ingredients, along with Aloe Vera. See Cleanser on previous posts.

This product also has Royal Jelly as an ingredient.

Royal Jelly Well known for being the food of the bee colony. It is rich in amino acids, that help fight free radical damage and natural enzymes that help protect, balance and invigorate the skin.

Hydrolysed Silk Protein Has moisture binding properties that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth with a beautiful glow.

In our make-up range we have our colour correct.

Colour Correct Colour-Correct

The correcting powder diminishes blemishes, redness, shine and tired looking sallow skin whilst natural hypoallergenic ingredients soften and help to restore the natural pH balance to the skin. A unique unisex product, proto-col baked mineral colour correct combines anti-inflammatory properties to combat problem areas whilst helping to improve skin hydration and skin elasticity. Banish skin concerns and reveal a confident, radiant skin tone. Excellent when the wind has made your skin a tad red.

Created using natural ingredients, this unisex product is designed with an anti-imflammatory to combat problem areas for the skin. Proto-col colour correct helps to soften the skin and restore its natural PH balance with the natural hypo-allergenic ingredients. Developed alongside top UK make-up artists, cutting edge technology has been used to create a flawless product that will help to diminish blemishes, redness and shine as well as improve tired looking sallow skin. Containing lavender, green tea, thyme, rosemary and magnolia bark, the pastel coloured product is ideal to calm skin tone and promote radiance.

Here’s a testimonial from the Proto-col website .   View here how to apply the colour correct.

As someone who has always suffered with red, blotchy skin, this product is amazingly good at covering up those blemishes, and making my skin an even tone. I am confident enough to go without any other make-up on at times. I no longer see photos of myself at parties and wish my face didn’t look so red, because now my skin is an even colour. Amazing thank you and I only hope that people with similar problems will give this a go! It works, it corrects the colour.

Posted On Saturday, April 12, 2014

Both these products are part of Day 3’s Bonfire Bonanza proto-col party girl


christmas eve


Well, Christmas day is nearly here, so to all those who have been reading my blog, and following it, can I take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and let us not forget what it is all about. Let us remember the Christ in the Mass! If you must put Xmas, then remember that he died upon a cross, for us.

Tradition has it that tonight Father Christmas, or is it only Santa Claus, will be zooming round the skies delivering presents to all the girls and boys. Last year I heard the comment, from a small child “Even Santa favours the rich kids!” Oh how true is that? I strugggled with “Santa” when my daughter was growing up. People asked her what “Santa” was bringing her. I used to gently tell them, that Santa brought her things in her stocking, but the gifts beneath the tree were from friends and family who loved her, and wanted to buy her presents at this special time of year. Without knowing who had bought them, who did she know who to thank? Gratitude is paramount for a happy healthy life.

Many of us stop to wonder what Father Christmas does the rest of the year. We think he sleeps the rest of the year off in a secret place somewhere in the North Pole. Well for those of you who don’t know, Father Christams used to wear green! And I have discovered what he does the rest of the Year, and it is here!


He is busy running and bringing the good news of Green Magic to everybody! Merry Christmas Everybody!

Here he is, just a week ago, doing his training routine so that he has the stamina to get through tonight! green magic santa

Wehey he has already started his travels “downunder!santa's off!

National Cake Day

26th November is National Cake Day, celebrated with  “Cakes”. It is not known when the origins of National Cake day began, but the word for cake has it’s origins in the Viking language. The Old Norse word being “kaka”!

ImageThis is NOT one I made earlier

Cakes are used to celebrate many of our rituals from Birthday Cakes, Christmas cakes, Wedding cakes etc and many a young child has many happy memories of baking with a family member. I certainly have fond memories of learning to bake fairy cakes commonly known now as “cupcakes”, with my Mother, and also many happy memories of teaching my daughter to bake the same. At the age of 5 or 6, it was a way of reinforcing her number skills, although 4 and 8 ounces were much easier for her to add up, and divide by 2 than the 30 or 250 grams that today’s children have to work with 🙂

And now we are left with the after effects, generally on our hips and thighs, yes I am talking about the guilt of eating too much cake and the weight that goes on with it! So what’s the answer to this dilemma?

Well as luck would have it Proto-col do 2 products that can help with this.

Firstly we have Thermo-slim capsules

proto-col natural slimming supplement. Suppress feelings of hunger and boost your vitality.
proto-col thermo-slim plus metaboliser is expertly formulated utilising herbal technology, to suppress feelings on hunger and boost your vitality and therefore your metabolism � meaning you are likely to feel more energised and motivated to exercise. proto-col natural slimming supplements, unlike most others on the market, are ephedrine-free to ensure safe weight loss. Ephedrine is a stimulant banned in sport because it can become addictive.Directions for use: Take two capsules of proto-col thermo-slim plus metaboliser in the morning and one in the afternoon. It is advisable to drink an extra two litres of water when taking pure thermo slim as they supplement works by stimulating the body’s heat production, which in turn uses more water from the body.
Then we have our second product:
Secondly we have “Carb-blocker plus with phase 2
proto-col carb-blocker plus with phase 2� is a perfect solution for carb-lovers and is rumoured to be favoured by trim carb-loving A-listers.
proto-col carb-blocker plus with phase 2® is a perfect solution for carb-lovers and is rumoured to be favoured by trim carb-loving A-listers. Phase 2® – a protein extracted from white kidney beans � blocks the enzyme responsible for the digestion of carbohydrates, and clinical trials have proven up to 75% reduction in starch absorption. This prevents starch being changed into glucose (sugar) and is an effective way to aid weight loss. proto-col carb-blocker plus with phase 2® can be used permanently and is even suitable for diabetics.proto-col natural slimming supplements, unlike most others on the market, are ephedrine-free to ensure safe weight loss. Ephedrine is a stimulant banned in sport because it can become addictive.Directions of use: Take two capsules with a glass of water 5-10 minutes before eating a main meal that contains carbohydrates.

And finally, just to prove that not all cakes are bad for you,some are actually very good for you, and could help you with the dilemma this Christmas, here’s a recipe from the Proto-col cookschool, using our number 1 top seller Green Magic!Image

So just off to my kitchen to perfect this, once or twice (just so that I can be assured of it being right for all my guests haha)

Let them eat cake! attributed to Marie Antoinette

Hangover Cures

As the Christmas Partying season is about to get into full swing, I remember the motto of my Father’s pastime, the Royal Observer Corps “Forewarned is Forearmed”. By that I mean time to make sure that you have plenty of stock of your favourite hangover cure. So what is it? Take the poll and let me see what it is that you reach for the “Day after the Night Before”!




ImageAs a McTimoney Chiropractor I am constantly washing my hands, in between each client This tends to leave them feeling dry, so I like a hand cream that I can use when dealing with my clients. Proto-col handcream is ideal becasue it does not leave my hands all sticky, so I can get to work immediately after applying it. This handcream was developed so that it soaks in straight away, without leaving a greasy film on the skin, making it ideal for those of you who work with  paper, as it does not leave a mark. It is one product of a range all designed to suit all skin types. Many of my clients have skin complaints and often ask me not to use cream or oil on them because of their sensitivities, but they all love this. I have converted many a person who said that they could not use creams, over to the Proto-col range.

This 40 ml size hand cream has been developed in association with Debbi Moore Designs
“Naturally rich in Vitamins A, E & F, proto-col’s nourishing collagen hand cream soothes rough, dry and chapped hands boosting cellular activity and improving skin elasticity. Combining royal jelly, a natural antibacterial agent and a rich source of Vitamin B5, with shea butter and collagen to hydrate and nourish, regenerate and protect, proto-col’s collagen hand cream leaves your hands feeling beautifully soft and supple.
The light formulation absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy residue, helping to restore the youthful appearence of tired looking skin and nails. Massage proto-col’s collagen hand cream into your skin throughout the day, providing you with fabulously soft, intensely moisturised, younger feeling skin.”
I notice that I have followers in Canada and the States. PLease feel free to contact me if you would like any items delivered to friends and family in the UK for Christmas.