N is for Notes

We have looked at blends and dilutions and I have mentioned that different essential oils are of  a different “note”. There are 3 of them, top, middle and base. As with all things though, there are no clear and fast rules, some essential oils are Top to Middle, or Middle to Base. To describe them, think of your favourite perfume or aftershave. The initial smell that you get is the top note, which evaporates off quite quickly. They are generally stimulating.

The middle note is the main scent of the perfume and is balancing, being neither stimulating nor sedating in general, although some middle notes can be quite relaxing, such as Lavender.

The base note is the aroma that is left on the clothes days later, if you don’t wash them. They are often sedating, think of Patchouli, Cedarwood and Sandalwood.

The following chart organises the oils in their notes. It was helpful for me when I was learning, to colour code them, using the colours of the rainbow to help me learn.

Basil Bergamot Cajuput Citronella Eucalyptus Galbanum Ginger Grapefruit
Lemon Lemongrass Niaouli Orange Peppermint Rosewood Spearmint Ti-Tree Verbena
Clary Sage Fennel Mandarin Petitgrain Rosewood Tangerine Thyme
Black Pepper Chamomile Cypress Geranium Hyssop Juniper Lavender Marjoram Melissa
Myrtle Pine Rosemary Rosewood Violet
Cypress Frankincense Jasmine Neroli Rose Ylang-ylang
Benzoin Camphor Cedarwood Myrrh Patchouli Sandalwood Vetivert Violet

I hope this will help you to mix a balanced blend. Refer back to B is for Blends to see how they might be combined depending on the time of day.

Next week, we start the week off with O! Oh! What’s in the air?

Blessings Joy

1 day to go until the AtoZChallenge begins

Amphora rose otto dilutedJust 1 day to go until this years AtoZChallenge gets under way on Friday 1st April. I spent the 4 days of the Easter holidays planning my blog posts to keep my followers happy and informed on the fascinating topic of aromatherapy. Have you ever wondered about those gorgeous aromatic liquids in their dark glass bottles? Have you considered using them but don’t know where to start? Then keep an eye out for my daily post, bring you information, my experience and hopefully shed some light on my smelly friends who live in dark places.

Come and meet them, and hopefully you will make some new friends too.

Blessings Joy

Time Flies When You Are Busy! Part 1

Can you believe that we are well into and even past the first quarter of 2014. I confess I have been busy, and blogging has taken a back seat. A back seat in a 54 seater coach! So when I saw that another 30 day blogging challenge starts on April 15th I was elated. But like New year’s resolution, why wait? So for those of you who have elected to follow me, here is a quick catch up on all that has been happening in the past 3 weeks that has kept me from you.

I chose to stand for election for the AABW committee. Now if you google AABW you could come up with the idea that I have emigrated to Australia and taken up with a little boutique grape-grower, but no, it is the Ayrshire Association of Business Women, and I put myself forward for administrating their website. It is a website of the wordpress genre, so not too taxing on the non techy persona which I try and portray. One of my jobs is to keep the members area up to date, which includes logos of the various businesses. Now one lady who had not supplied me with a logo, had her photo appear in the place that was designed for said logo. How did her photo appear? I know not. The President of the Association asked me to remove it, and I had to confess to not knowing how to. It rectified itself when said business lady supplied me with her logo. Voila, photo disappeared. Several days later I am administering my own members area, and decide to change my email, as the one that I had been using was a business email. Lo and behold my photo appears. Where did that come from? Well I can only assume that because I have a wordpress blog it recognised me and stole my photo from my blog and placed it on the website. Creepy, but at least it answered the query about how a photo appeared when no photo had been uploaded. I assume that she too has a wordpress account.

Now the dilemma is, “Should I change my picture on my blog to a fluffy cat?” How will that look on a professional business woman’s website? Would the president object? How can I stop that happening? So I am looking forward to the 15th April and the blogging challenge to heopfully answer that query for me.

Sweet Dreams

The dream that I can vividly recall is not a particularly sweet and pleasant one, but it is the first one that I can remember as being significant, and made me aware of the fact that dreams can be very relevant to our day to day lives. Before I recount the dream to you, I will tell you a little bit about my life at the time.

I was a Senior Nurse on a surgical ward, with a Ward Sister in Charge, my immediate boss, for whom I had little respect. I had applied and been for an interview for a promotion, at a hospital several hundred miles away, so I would need to relocate, moving away from family and friends. So there’s the background, here’s the dream:

I am on an old wooden ship. I am in the toilet of this ship, and I am stuck, the door will not open. I am aware that the ship is sinking, I can feel the pressure of the water, on the small room that I am trapped in, and I know that I am going to die. At this point I realise that I am dreaming, and that I am safe, so I can choose the way I wish to shuffle off this mortal coil. I can remain in the cubicle, which is airtight, and I will suffocate, or I can open the door, which will let the water in and I will drown.

That is not the end of the dream, but I want to tell you about a discussion I had with the hospital chaplain, when I told him about it. He asked me what was happening in my life at the moment, and I explained as I have in the paragraph above. He asked me how I felt about my life. The job I was in felt as though it were suffocating me, I could not expand and develop working for this Ward Sister who I had little respect for, whereas if I took this new job with the added responsibility that the promotion meant, far away from my family and friends, I felt that I might drown in all the change.

Dreams are very powerful things if we know how to interpret them. Sometimes when we struggle to make decisions in life, our sub-conscious communicates via a dream, to let us know what we really feel about a situation. Here I felt that I would be “out of my depth” gaining a promotion and moving away from all that I knew. It did however start me off on a new journey, ie the ship, and the healing pathway that is signified by water. Staying with the old familiar situation was “suffocating” my development.

There are many accounts of dreams in the Bible too. Joseph was able to interpret dreams in the Old Testament, and Joseph in the New testament was told in a dream what to do.

So which one did I choose in my dream?

I suffocated!!

However that is not the end of my journey. Having my feelings made aware to me, meant that I could then look for ways where I could move on, whilst remaining in control of my surroundings, and I embarked on my McTimoney Chiropractic training, and am so pleased that I did. So next time you have avivid lifelike dream, examine it and ask yourself “What is it trying to tell me?”

Blessings Joy x


Writer’s Club!

Thanks to 3 people, that I have encountered in the Blogging World, I have joined a Writer’s Club in my town.

The 3 blogs in chronological order are:

http://heatherbcosta.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/thoughts-for-friday/ Dec 6th, I made my first comment ever I believe!


Such a powerful poem, with touched at the heartstrings.

In response I wrote https://joyofhealthbeautyandnutrition.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/mirror-mirror-daily-prompt/  a few days later.

My third influential Blog is http://kateloveton.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/featured-blog-trials-of-a-wanna-be-published-writer/ who checked out the first of my blogs, and so I have come full circle in less than 8 weeks!

There is a fourth person that I would like to honour, but I cannot remember if it was a blog or website that I first encountered her, and that is Cathy Glass.

So today I contacted my local book club and requested to join. Thanks to you!


Joy x




Burn’s Night, and a Proto-col Challenge!

Today is 25th January, Burn’s Night will be celebrated around the World. Proto-col set a challenge, to write about either them, or one of their products, so here is my attempt.

ODE TO GREEN MAGIC                                   

What did I do before I met you, before you joined me at breakfast?

By 3pm my eyelids grew weary, by 9 I was no longer upright

Fatigue a constant companion, no energy to enjoy my life.


Then you entered on an October day like a burst of Autumn sunshine

keeping company with my meditation, at first a guest, getting acquainted

I must admit, a little getting used to, but soon, we were comfortable together.


If a morning went by and you weren’t invited, by lunchtime you let me know it

Then you would be a welcome guest, company for my sandwich and cake

Now a day without your presence, is like a day without love and laughter!


Green Magic website: http://www.proto-colprofessionals.com/010123/shop/products/naturally-advanced-nutrition/green-magic-super-size_1n-3010-40.htm

If you would like to see the full range of proto-col products, then visit:

and maybe write a verse yourself.
If you would like to become a Proto-col Ambassador then complete this form and someone will be in contact with you.

captive’s choice

The thing I like about blogging, is that people at the Daily Post, keep coming up with ideas about what to blog about, that really challenge me, and make me think about something, a topic that you otherwise wouldn’t think about. Take today’s challenge, entitled “Captive’s choice”

You’ve been kidnapped and given a choice: would you rather be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest, or locked in a strange building?

Can I ask my kidnapper any questions? I like to have all the facts before I make any decisions, that’s just me. So can I ask any questions before I make my mind up?

Are they going to be with me? My kidnappers that is! Or am I going to be alone? Can I take anything with me? Does it have to fit into my hand, a handbag, or a suitcase?

Am I guaranteed to survive, whichever place I chose? Do I have time to pray before choosing, so that I give God control of this part of my life? If I do that, then I know that wherever I end up and whatever happens to me, I am safe in the knowledge that God is in control and that I am part of God’s plan. OK so before I write anymore of this blog I am going to take time out and spend it with God and see what the outcome is.

Sunday 19th Jan 2014, 4.05 pm GMT I will return and let you know what God has to say about this.

OK so here is the answer to my prayer! Sunday 19th Jan 4.25 pm GMT

Joy I gave you freewill to chose, so whichever one you go for, know that you are safe because, I am with you. Wow!

Whichever of the 3 places I choose to go, I know that I am part of God’s plan, and he will use me in that place. Paul, on his travels was imprisonned, and wrote letters, telling us that he had learnt to be happy in whatever circumstance that he found himself in, for he was doing Christ’s work in those places and was therefore happy. So many times we find ourselves complaining about something or other, often small things. My challenge is not to decide which of the 3 places I wish to go and be stranded in, my challenge is to learn to be happy wherever I find myself.

So where would I decide to go to be stranded? Anywhere that God wants me to be, for I am never alone, I have God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as company, the only 3 guides I will ever need. I chose the desert island. Blessings to All x Amen