Generations in the Clinic


Healthy Generations

One of the most satisfying things in my Chiropractic clinic is seeing several members of the same family come for treatment. This past few weeks I have had two or three retired men come to see me, and within a couple of treatments, they are coming back and saying that their wife would also like an appointment with me. That is always a good sign that I must be doing something right. Same generation.

Today I saw three generations of the same family. The first member to come was actually pregnant with the next generation when she came to see me. After giving birth, her son was brought to me for a check up, to see if his birth had caused any misalingments. To read more about how birth can cause a baby problems, please have a look at my website.

Today Grandma came in to see me for her first treatment. It was the first time in 17 years of being a Chiropractor that I had to do the questioning for the consultation and explanation via an interpeter, as Grandma is from Poland. She is over in the UK to help her daughter adjust back to work. To those of you who know me, you will wonder how I managed to get through a whole treatment without talking. It was strange to say the least, but the look of relief on her face was enough to know that despite not being able to verbally communicate, her pain was much diminished, and the hug was in a language that anybody could understand.

What do each generation in your family share, as a common ground?

Blessings Joy



Reflections on A to Z Challenge

This was my very first year of participating on the AtoZChallenge and I have to admit I found it really fun, and confess that I did not get to visit as many blogs as I should have done throughout the challenge. Apologies but I hope to catch up with some of you over the coming weeks. I find the blogosphere a bit like a blackhole, you click on a link to a blog and you end up going down a wormhole, only to get released 5 hours later when your bum has gone numb, from sitting too long.

I wrote a lot of my posts over the Easter weekend and scheduled them in advance. There were a couple of letters, W springs to mind, where the word was not forthcoming, and only came to me through the month, after a chance word was said to me. You can read Witch or Wise Woman to see what happened to give me that post. Scheduling does not come without it’s own perils, like getting the wrong letter for the day. W went out before T I think. I must confess I also never got round to writing X. I had it all typed in my mind, but never got round to putting onto wordpress. Did anybody notice?

I would like to thank all those who gave me such lovely feedback, including in no particular order:

Welcome, especially if this is your first visit


After going and searching for all my interactors I realise that there are more than I thought. I miss your emails popping into my inbox letting me know that you have inteeracted on my blog. I am so glad that so many of you found it useful and informative. I would love to know if any of you have started to get to know any smelly friends any better?

pablo(21) As part of the challenge I hope that 1 couple will consider calling in on us when the cruise around the British isles next year. I hope to call in on someone in New Brunswick, Nove scotia area when we get to cruise there, and more friendships have been forged globally as a result of this challenge. Since it has finished I am writing more on my other blog This Pilgrims Progress, and I would love to see some of you over there, as I chronicle my journey through life.

Blessings Joy

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A is for Aromatherapy, an Introduction


Tree Which Yields the Resin for Frankincense

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, is known to have said, ” The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day.” In the 4th century BC he recognised that burning certain aromatic substances, protected against contagious diseases. The use of aromatic oils goes back to ancient times. Early civilisations give record of perfumes and aromatic oils being used, the Egyptians, the Babylonians, ancient Greeks and Romans, all have references to them in their culture. Using aromatic oils obtained from herbs, spices, flowers, twigs or any other part of a plant that you care to name, is not a New Age thing. Aromatherapy is mentioned in the Bible, just not as aromatherapy. There is mention of Hyssop, Frankincese, Spikenard and Myrrh to name a few. The name aromatherapy was given to it only around 150 years ago, when scientists began to look closely at these oils and start to name the chemical components in them, and how they might be used to treat disease. Prior to this, the knowledge would have been handed down, from midwife and priest, to those following in their footsteps. The wise woman in the woods, who knew all the plants round about her, and which one to use for each complaint, would have been commonplace. Scientists are now moving in where wise sages were before.

Over the next 26 days in April, I will be writing posts about this topic, all completely aimed at the lay-person. If you are a student of aromatherapy, or a qualified aromatherapist yourself, please bear with me, for the lack of Latin names and lack of the words sesquiterpines and polyphenols, as I do my best to introduce this fascinating subject to the blogosphere.

When I first qualified I decided to use the range of essential oils from Amphora Aromatics. They are a British based company who do high quality oils, without any fancy packaging, perfect for the professional. I decided to stock them in my health clinic, and since the rise of the internet and online shopping, now sell them on my website for the UK.

It is often said that if you feel drawn to an oil, then you probably need to use it. I have certainly noticed that over the years of using them for myself, my nose has certainly altered as to my favourite oils.

I would love to answer any questions that my reader here may have. Just ask in the comment box, and I will do my best. Suggestions for oils and blends in use in treating medical conditions on here, are not a recommendation, but a suggestion. I have over 20 years of experience in using these oils to help people, but they have asked for a Consultation and I have considered the information obtained at this consultation to carefully choose the oils to blend for them. When choosing oils I take into account not just the physical but also the psychological aspects of the person’s personality, before choosing the oils for them. However there are certain blends that I find myself returning to.

Come with me on this journey

Blessings Joy

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Tomorrow the letter B, learn about blends, basil, bergamot and black pepper.



1 day to go until the AtoZChallenge begins

Amphora rose otto dilutedJust 1 day to go until this years AtoZChallenge gets under way on Friday 1st April. I spent the 4 days of the Easter holidays planning my blog posts to keep my followers happy and informed on the fascinating topic of aromatherapy. Have you ever wondered about those gorgeous aromatic liquids in their dark glass bottles? Have you considered using them but don’t know where to start? Then keep an eye out for my daily post, bring you information, my experience and hopefully shed some light on my smelly friends who live in dark places.

Come and meet them, and hopefully you will make some new friends too.

Blessings Joy

Winter draws on!


I don’t know about where you live, but the weather here in Scotland has taken a turn for the worse. High winds and gales, which can all play havoc with the skin, drying it out giving rise to more lines and wrinkles. So today’s special offers are designed to moisturise the skin to keep your skin looking and feeling soft and smooth.

Moisturising Facial Gel   

A luxury daily moisturising gel with the highest quality ingredients that make this product a highgrade anti-ageing treatment. Rich in vitamins and other plant based ingreients, this moisturiser is firming, lifting and hydrating leaving your skin feeling soft smooth and supple.

The packaging of this products makes it suitable for both men, as well as women. It is non-scented, unlike many moisturisers, again suiting the male market. It will not compete with perfume or aftershave worn by the individual. Normally

Key Ingredients

As with many of the products in the Proto-col range, plant derived collagen is one of the main ingredients, along with Aloe Vera. See Cleanser on previous posts.

This product also has Royal Jelly as an ingredient.

Royal Jelly Well known for being the food of the bee colony. It is rich in amino acids, that help fight free radical damage and natural enzymes that help protect, balance and invigorate the skin.

Hydrolysed Silk Protein Has moisture binding properties that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth with a beautiful glow.

In our make-up range we have our colour correct.

Colour Correct Colour-Correct

The correcting powder diminishes blemishes, redness, shine and tired looking sallow skin whilst natural hypoallergenic ingredients soften and help to restore the natural pH balance to the skin. A unique unisex product, proto-col baked mineral colour correct combines anti-inflammatory properties to combat problem areas whilst helping to improve skin hydration and skin elasticity. Banish skin concerns and reveal a confident, radiant skin tone. Excellent when the wind has made your skin a tad red.

Created using natural ingredients, this unisex product is designed with an anti-imflammatory to combat problem areas for the skin. Proto-col colour correct helps to soften the skin and restore its natural PH balance with the natural hypo-allergenic ingredients. Developed alongside top UK make-up artists, cutting edge technology has been used to create a flawless product that will help to diminish blemishes, redness and shine as well as improve tired looking sallow skin. Containing lavender, green tea, thyme, rosemary and magnolia bark, the pastel coloured product is ideal to calm skin tone and promote radiance.

Here’s a testimonial from the Proto-col website .   View here how to apply the colour correct.

As someone who has always suffered with red, blotchy skin, this product is amazingly good at covering up those blemishes, and making my skin an even tone. I am confident enough to go without any other make-up on at times. I no longer see photos of myself at parties and wish my face didn’t look so red, because now my skin is an even colour. Amazing thank you and I only hope that people with similar problems will give this a go! It works, it corrects the colour.

Posted On Saturday, April 12, 2014

Both these products are part of Day 3’s Bonfire Bonanza proto-col party girl


Wedding Fairs and Make Up

A week ago, 2 colleagues and I got together to bring an event to our local town, aimed at educating people about skin care, and how important it is to not only use the right products on your skin, but also to have good nutrition. It is true that a good complexion starts with good nutrition, we are what we eat.

I colloborated with an events co-ordinator, Sarah, from Sarah’s Creative Occasions, and Charmaine from Charmaine Gittens, Photography and MakeUp, both based in Ayrshire, SW Scotland.

Charmaine loved the Baked Mineral Shimmers. She created a fabulous look on her model, which was a complete relief to me as she had never used the products before. I am hoping that she will share her photos from the evening, and when she does I will share them with you, so that you can see what a fabulous look can be created using the Proto-col make-up range.

Charmaine especially thought that the 7 set make-up brush set was an absolute bargain for just £49.95, and the feedback that we have had from those that bought the kit on the night, has reinforced Charmaine’s approval.

I caught up with Sarah last weekend as she exhibited at a Wedding Fair at Culzean Castle which is a superb venue to hold a wedding. Here are some photos of that event to share with you, whilst I wait for Charmaine to provide me with some of hers.

Culzean castle and gardens Ayrshire Scotland

Culzean Castle and Gardens Ayrshire Scotland

Culzean Castle AyrshireScotland

Culzean Castle AyrshireScotland

Sarah from Sarah's Creative Occasions, Ayrshire Scotland

Sarah from Sarah’s Creative Occasions, Ayrshire Scotland

Wedding Fair @ Culzean Castle

Wedding Fair @ Culzean Castle

Wedding fair

Wedding fair

Sarah's Bits & Bobs

Sarah’s Bits & Bobs

Table Dressed for a Wedding by Sarah of Sarah's Creative Occasions

Table Dressed for a Wedding by Sarah of Sarah’s Creative Occasions

Look at that sky!

Look at that sky!

Collagen Rich Skin Toner

Following on from yesterdays post, we will continue our skin care routine for the Winter with our luscious Coral Seaweed and Collagen Toner.


Coral Seaweed and Collagen Toner

After cleansing the skin, it is important to tone, to close the pores and to remove any cleanser that may be left on the skin.

Proto-cols Toner is soothing and refreshing and alcohol free. It has similar ingredients to the Cleanser to complement it, but also has Witch Hazel and Panthenol Vitamin B5


Witch Hazel: Has a long reputation for it’s astringent properties, which closes the pores. The Witch hazel shrub is common to North America, and has healing properties as well. It is proven to shrink pores and reduce inflammation.

Panthenol Vitamin B5: This helps to protect the skin against free radicals, and soothes, softens and hydrates. It helps the skin to regenerate and give a more youthful look to the skin.

Application: apply after cleansing using a damp cotton wool pad.

Proto-cols Toner is gentle to use and therefore suitable for all skin types. The high end ingredients that are used deliver results leaving the skin feeling clean soft and supple.It is designed to work in harmony with the Cleanser, and for maximum results should be followed with either the Moisturising Facial Gel or Serum.

Warning a Bonfire Bonanza will be coming tomorrow 5th November at midnight!

Hypermobilty Joint Syndrome and McTimoney Chiropractic

Something that I hear on a fairly regular basis is “I have been told not to go and see a Chiropractor!”

When I ask them what reason has been given, they so often have not been given one, or they have been told that it would be far too damaging to their joints. So let me try and explain for you what “Manipulation” is and an “Adjustment” which is what I consider McTimoney Chiropractic to be.

Let’s look at the rrange of movementange of movement, that we have in any joint. First of all we have the active range of movement. This is the range of movement that you have in a joint, or collection of joints. Move your head from side to side, and see  how much movement you have? That is a group of bones, the cervical spine, or your neck, moving actively. Shown by the denser green area here. Now having turned your head to one side “gently” push on the opposite side of your head, to the way that you have turned. You should feel that you can push your head slightly further. This is the “passive” range, illustrated by the lighter green. this is the range that physiotherpists often use when they move a limb for you, as opposed to you moving it actively.


If you were then to push hard on the side of your head, it would hurt, and your soft tissues, ligaments and tendons which stretch. It would be painful, and this is the range that many therapists that “manipulate” use.

The McTimoney method of Chiropractic does not do this. Let me repeat that.



The McTimoney method of Chiropractic takes the strain off the joint immediately at the time and point of adjustment. That means that the ligaments in the joint, when receiving a McTimoney adjustment are not stretched anymore than they are already in the person receiving the treatment. The same cannot be said for other forms of Chiropractic. Ask your Chiropractor if they treat into the paraphysiological space. If the answer is yes, and you have HJS or EDS then going to a Chiropractor is not good for you, and I would not recommend it. However if the answer is no, then Chiropractic could be considered after a full assessment including a full history taking has been undertaken.

HJS have a problem manufacturing connective tissue due to a problem with collagen synthesis. Collagen supplementation is ideal, as the body does not have to manufacture collagen from the dietary intake, but has been supplied in the form of supplements for the body to utilise. I recommend Proto-col’s collagen found here.


I cannot answer an individual’s questin, without first having ssessed them, but I am happy to reply to questions of a generic nature.

Thanks for reading!





Chiropractors on Holiday

It is an occupational hazard, that when you do the job that I do, you spend your entire vacation time  people watching and wishing that they understood the power of Chiropractic. How much more enjoyable their life would then be.  However I have been on holiday and tried to switch off, so I thought I would share some photos of my travels.

I have just finished a 11 day cruise of the Baltic States, which include the 4 countries of Scandinavia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, as well as Russia, Germany and Estonia. If anybody is interested in more info then I promise to try and answer any comments written below. For now here are one or three photos.

DSCF2858 DSCF2941 DSCF2913








OK so let’s see how good you are on picture clues. We sailed from this Scandanavian city. which one is it? Can you name the man in the statue, and where you will find this pagoda all lit up at night?




Can you Feel the Force?

Today is Star Wars Eve. I am sure that I do not need to tell you what Star Wars Day is do I?

This blog is nothing more than a reminder not to miss tomorrow. If you cannot or do not feel the force, then do not adjust your sets, do not pass go, do not collect £200, but wait patiently for the force to find you. create the force so that others can feel it.

For the past 30 days I have been following the #100days happiness challenge. But then I came across a book that I have bedarth vaderen delving into for the past few months called “Choose Joy, because Happiness isn’t Enough” by Kay Warren, and I had a complete revelation. Being Happy is great, but being filled with Joy is what we should strive for. We are worth more than to be just happy, being filled with Joy is a huge life-changing  state to get yourself into.

I won’t bore you with the troubles of my marriage, but suffice to say that since reading this book I have tried to apply it’s teachings and well my marriage has been revolutionised. Seeking Joy in everything is not an art, it is highly recommended and a journey to say the least.

The force is Love. Love will overcome anything, truly madly deeply! May the Force be with you!

To see photos of people jumping for Joy then follow this blog