Ring of Fire

When I hear of the phrase “ring of fire” I think of those places in the world that are situated on the edges of the Earth’s Tectonic plates, and therefore have the threat of volcanic eruptions as part of their daily living. Has that got anything to do with health and Chiropractic?


Well yes I think it has. As a Chiroprator I am concerned with bones, and as a McTimoney Chiropractor, I was taught that the pelvis is the foundation stone to the whole spine. If the pelvis is aligned then the spine can be re-aligned, but if you don’t get the pelvis aligned first, then the spine will never really be stable. If the pelvis is not straight, then the spine arises from the pelvis, needing to compensate straight off. To me the pelvis is like that “ring of fire”.  It is a set of bones articulating together, just like the Continenetal plates articulate together, and sometimes they just rub along the wrong way, causing them to move. When the pressure builds up, just like a volcano venting off to relieve pressure in the Earth’s crust, so the bones move to release pressure when somebody loads the joints to heavily. Many of us know the pain when we try to move something heavy incorrectly, and we feel something move. Some people describe it as a burning burn, a ring of fire. Physics is physics, whether in the planet or the body.







Zero to Hero Once Again!

Back in mid January I discovered the Zero to Hero, sometime after it had started. My excuse? My birthday is the 5th January, and my daughter’s is the 14th, and as it was her 18th Birthday this year, we spent it celebrating in Paris. My New Year is usually a fortnight behind everybody else’s anyway. Well who else agrees that to start New Year Resolutions, healthy eating plans and all when you have 2 Birthdays in the family is just not going to happen is it?

So I struggled to catch up, and never did get my head around the widget thing the first time round, so here I go again.

What have I been doing in the past 3 months? Well I have discovered MailChimp and now have a regular newsletter that I post out to my subscribers whenever I come across an article that I think will interest them. Would you like to subscribe to it? Well when this zero to hero campaign shows me how to link the 2 I will post the “subscribe to my newsletter” button and away we shall jolly well go! If you are like me, and want to subscribe now, well I guess it will have to be done the hard way. Click here.

I have also signed up to do a six week online course on Bioethics, which had a start date of today, so totally coincided with this Zero to Hero. I will do my best to keep all commitments, but to save time you may find an essay on Bioethics posted on myblog, to meet my commitments. I have continued to run a successful Chiropractic clinic in the SW corner of Scotland, as well as my online business in Nutition, Skincare and Make-up. Proto-col have now launched their Ambassador programme so if you would like a business working the hours that suit from home, then drop me a line.

Zero to one done!

Sweet Dreams

The dream that I can vividly recall is not a particularly sweet and pleasant one, but it is the first one that I can remember as being significant, and made me aware of the fact that dreams can be very relevant to our day to day lives. Before I recount the dream to you, I will tell you a little bit about my life at the time.

I was a Senior Nurse on a surgical ward, with a Ward Sister in Charge, my immediate boss, for whom I had little respect. I had applied and been for an interview for a promotion, at a hospital several hundred miles away, so I would need to relocate, moving away from family and friends. So there’s the background, here’s the dream:

I am on an old wooden ship. I am in the toilet of this ship, and I am stuck, the door will not open. I am aware that the ship is sinking, I can feel the pressure of the water, on the small room that I am trapped in, and I know that I am going to die. At this point I realise that I am dreaming, and that I am safe, so I can choose the way I wish to shuffle off this mortal coil. I can remain in the cubicle, which is airtight, and I will suffocate, or I can open the door, which will let the water in and I will drown.

That is not the end of the dream, but I want to tell you about a discussion I had with the hospital chaplain, when I told him about it. He asked me what was happening in my life at the moment, and I explained as I have in the paragraph above. He asked me how I felt about my life. The job I was in felt as though it were suffocating me, I could not expand and develop working for this Ward Sister who I had little respect for, whereas if I took this new job with the added responsibility that the promotion meant, far away from my family and friends, I felt that I might drown in all the change.

Dreams are very powerful things if we know how to interpret them. Sometimes when we struggle to make decisions in life, our sub-conscious communicates via a dream, to let us know what we really feel about a situation. Here I felt that I would be “out of my depth” gaining a promotion and moving away from all that I knew. It did however start me off on a new journey, ie the ship, and the healing pathway that is signified by water. Staying with the old familiar situation was “suffocating” my development.

There are many accounts of dreams in the Bible too. Joseph was able to interpret dreams in the Old Testament, and Joseph in the New testament was told in a dream what to do.

So which one did I choose in my dream?

I suffocated!!

However that is not the end of my journey. Having my feelings made aware to me, meant that I could then look for ways where I could move on, whilst remaining in control of my surroundings, and I embarked on my McTimoney Chiropractic training, and am so pleased that I did. So next time you have avivid lifelike dream, examine it and ask yourself “What is it trying to tell me?”

Blessings Joy x


nice is as nice does

The nicest thing I ever did was turn up for work, and the great thing is, that I can repeat it every day of my working life. It is a privilege to serve the people that seek and find me, in my work. What is so nice about what I do? Well I help people get a grip back on their lives, I give them the chance to get back to doing all the things that they want to do. www.joyofchiropractic.co.uk

So many of us are walking around complaining about this symptom, or that sign, all of which are a sign that their body is not functioning optimally, whether physically or mentally.

In my health clinic I listen to these people, something which they often say is so nice, that someone is taking the time to actually listen to them. We discuss their dis-ease, and look for solutions to help them to get a hold on their life, before their symptoms turn into disease. If they go to their GP, then they know that the chances are that they will be offered painkillers, which are causing huge problems that we nnow have a National Problem of Legal Drug Addiction!

Take this article from Dr Mercola, where he talks about the legal drugs industry killing more people that those deaths from illegal drugs. Yes that’s right, over the counter medication or prescribed painkillers are a bigger problem that those taking illegal drugs. People are becoming addicted to their pain medications. Read his article here http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/01/23/painkiller-addiction.aspx

So if someone comes into my clinic, and I can eliminate the need for taking this type of medication, I think that’s pretty nice don’t you?