Ti- Tree Oil on Wednesday Wellness

Ti-tree oil, sometimes spelt Tea tree, is a very useful oil to have around, in the natural health home kit. Tea tree oil

The oil comes from the tree Melaleuca alternifolia which thrives in marshy areas. It grows to approximatley 20 feet, and has the ability to flourish even when chopped down. The oil is produced only in Australia, and has been long recognised by the indigenous people, the Aborigines for it’s healing properties. When settlers treated the plant as a weed, Aborigines used the leaves to tie around wounds, to either stop them becoming infected, or to treat an infection. It took until 1927 for it to be introduced to Europe, where the anti-septic qualities were quickly recognised. During World War II, ti-tree oil was included in the military first aid kits for use in tropical areas.

The most important use for Ti-tree is as an immune system stimulant. It activates the white blood cells to help fight infection, therefore shortening any illness. It is a strongly antiseptic oil, useful in cases of influenza, coughs colds or virus infections of any desciption.

Using ti-tree oil in baths, burners or massage in the run up to an  operation or scheduled treatment in hospital, )which we all know are full of bacteria, virus and bugs of all descriptions), will give your immune system the boost it needs to help your body fight them off.

It is a very cleansing oil, think pus of any desciption, and ti-tree is the oil of choice. On the skin, acne, sores, boils, it can be applied neat. One of the few oils that I would recommend that can be.

Tea tree


It has rather a medicinal smell, to my nose, due to the terpenes in it, and therefore not to everybody’s taste, or should that be smell, but blending it with a citrus fruit such as orange or mandarin will help to sweeten it in burners, or blend with another oil of choice for massage.

Many preparatory shampoos for treating head lice contain ti-tree as it is known that lice do not like it. I found that after washing my daughter’s hair with my normal shampoo, to comb through the hair with neat ti-tree oil was more effective than the ready-mixed shampoos.

I am taking part in the AthZChallenge in April, when I shall be writing more about aromatherapy, from AtoZ. I would be priviledged if you would like to follow my blog to learn more about this fascinating subject. Learn how you can keep your family healthy by using these very powerful oils thats cience is beginning to understand. The challenge starts on 1st April, when I shall be covering Aromatherapy, a brief overview.

Do you have a favourite oil?



Today’s Blend

My intention today was to put a completely different blend in my burner, but whilst my back was turned, taking darling daughter to church, my husband was busy with his social media campaign and took a peek at Amphora Aromatics Facebook page, and took a liking to the Frankincense and Rose blend that they had recommended yesterday. Amphora are the suppliers of the wonderful oils that I have used ever since I qualified as an aromatherapist 21 years ago, and they are the ones that we use and sell today both in A Joy of Health Clinic and online.


Over the past couple of weeks, I have begun to delve deeper and deeper in the wonders of aromatherapy. For many years now I have been an empowered health advocate, rather than a compliant one, and I love to trawl the net to see what I can find out. I have to remain calm when I read articles that say that aromatherapy is no more than a “placebo”. Deep breaths of Rose and Frankincense! Lovely now I am calm again and can carry on typing.

So today I was fascinated to read that in France, (where of course aromatherapy is purported to have started, although we all know that some oils have been in use since Biblical times and before,) they use essential oils in mainstream medicine. Oh how the pharmaceutical companies must hate France. Here is an excerpt from the website Medical News Today:

Aromatherapy is some countries

In France, and much of Western Europe aromatherapy is incorporated into mainstream medicine as an antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial, much more so than in the UK, USA or Canada. In fact, there are some essential oils that are regulated as prescription drugs in France, and can only be administered (or prescribed) by a doctor.

French physicians use the aromatogram to help them determine which essential oil to use. The doctor will first culture a sample of infected tissue or secretion, and then grow the culture in petri dishes which are supplied with agar; each petri dish is inoculated with a different essential oil to decide which have the best activity against the targeted strain of microorganism. The best activity is the one that inhibits growth of the target microorganism.

Wow take me to France when I need treating please, perhaps the best recommendation for staying in the EU, if I needed one.

Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday afternoon wherever you are, I am going to top up the water in the burner and add another few drops of Rose and Frankincese, and can I tempt you to return tomorrow and discover what I have found out about one of these oils.


Something Different for a Loved One!

This time of year our thoughts go to showing our appreciation to people who have helped us throughout the year, teachers, hairdresser, carers, you know who I am talking about. If you are like me, you spend hours looking at candles, chocolates and body lotions! Well here is something that I defy anybody not to like!  It is Proto-col’s Instant Manicure, Body Bliss or Instant Pedicure. These 3 delicious body scrubs, leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.


Therapeutic Swiss Alps Lavender is blended with Capsicum to gently ease aches and pains. Tea Tree Oil � nature’s wonder ingredient � is a natural, mild antiseptic and anti-fungal essential oil, to help keep feet healthy. Antioxidant rich Lemongrass acts as a natural anti-perspirant and protects against mild foot infections, and combined with Swiss Alps lavender has a calming effect. Nourishing and regenerating Evening Primrose Oil relaxes and calms. Dead Sea Salts contain ten times the mineral salt content of salt water and are packed with skin saving vitamins and minerals, some of which can only be found in the dead sea, to heal and soothe skin.

The Dead Sea salt exfoliates the dead skin off, leaving the soft smooth skin underneath. My uncle who has psoriaisis swears by the Instant Pedicure, as it exfoliates the scaly layers, leaving the healhty skin exposed. He swears that the lavender and tea tree oils in this product have helped him keep his psoriais under control since he discovered it, when combined with Proto-cols collagen and Green Magic.

The full range of Proto-cols Health Beauty and Skin-care range can be found at


Link to Instant Manicure http://www.proto-colprofessionals.com/010123/shop/products/naturally-advanced-skincare/instant-manicure_ims-1-020.htm