If it’s good enough for Robyn, then it’s good enough for you! And here’s the link to the Facemask that she cannot do without The collagen capsules are on the same site! Happy Proto-col shopping!


No More Heroes

no more H&B

A sad day for The Health and Beauty Company as James Greenwell announces that he will no  longer be supplying them with any of the Proto-col products that have been available to them and their party planners since Feb 2012. The Health and Beauty Company’s rapid rise was primarily down to the lovely range that James’ company had developed. Their 2 big sellers were Green Magic and collagen capsules, as they captured the market in the health sector. Where I live in the SW corner of Scotland, I couldn’t mention the words “Green Magic” to anybody without being told that they had bought some at a party that their friend had held last night/week/month. It didn’t matter, everybody had heard about it. Last night, 20th November 2013, James Greenwell announced that he was no longer supplying them with his products in a post I saw on the Proto-col page on Facebook. For many Health and Beauty Company Consultants this may be the end of an era. Those that recognise that the Proto-col products were the big sellers will realise that without them, the company could well be doomed.

However all is not lost. For those people who have been introduced to Green Magic and collagen capsules, these will still be available to the public via a “Proto-col professional”. These people are individuals who have a recognised qualification in a Health or Beauty realm, who understand the products that they are promoting. They will be available from Chiropractic clinics, salons, and gyms amongst others to stock these wonderful products. What are you waiting for? Give them a go and see what everybody here in the UK is raving about.