S is for Sacred Spaces

Mama 2016 Conference

OK so how many of you noticed that I posted W instead of S on Friday? It was a scheduling mis-calculation, or was it? I had been pretty up together on my AtoZChallenge, writing so much of it over the 4 day Easter Holiday and scheduling them, although I have to admit that as the month has gone on, posts have been edited and re-edited as things have happened that I wanted to include as my way of journaling what effect this challenge has had on not just me, but my practice as well. But S just wasn’t coming to mind, and now I know why.

I have just been on an amazing 2 day Conference called the MaMa Conference, which was held right on my doorstep, right here in Ayr. It is organised by the most amazing woman, Cass McNamara, who is an Independent Midwife, the inventor of the “CUB” a unique “seat” which encourages women to birth upright and organiser of MaMa Conferences. So what has this got to do with aromatherapy and S.

Well for those of you who have ever been around a birthing woman, you will know just what a sacred space you are in. It is a space that we must keep holy, for the birth process to play out. The dance of Mother and Baby as they work together to bring the baby Earthside, is a very sacred thing indeed. When the Space is allowed to remain Sacred then a wonderful thing happens. When it is upset and becomes a place of Science rather than Sacred that is when we have women feeling disempowered, disappointed and failures. As I sat and listened to all these people, mainly women, talk about the things that they are doing to return the birth environment to a Sacred Space, I felt priviledged to be among them. I must admit I have not always felt part of the female half of the species. I have never really got the whole “women together” thing, but as I took part in the tribal, hip swaying I began to experience what unites us. As I was mesmorised by the buttocks in front of me, doing the pelvic movements, whilst on our hands and knees, I glimpsed a thin veil of connectedness to all the birthing women who had gone before me. I felt the Earthly pull of the female spirit calling me to join them.  I am truly becoming a Wise Woman as I get older, and looking forward to developing my skills in many Sacred Spaces.

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Thank you for joining me in this Sacred Space.

Blessings Joy





Blogging 101 Day 3 on Day 13

Well I promised myself that I would do the 2 blogging challenges, both of them 101 and 201, on the day that they both started. If you read my last entry (thank you) then you will already know that my blog began life about 5 months ago, but I didn’t quite catch the start of the 2014 “zero to hero” challenge, so I was very pleased to see it again. However I have been very busy at work, and networking for my work, and developing my business vision for my work, that blogging has taken a bit of a back seat, along with Mail Chimping, Tweeting and Gardening.

So what was on my mind when I started to blog. Well that would have to be the lovely delicious products that are the proto-col range. My clinic mentioned above, is a McTimoney Chiropractic clinic, but Chiropractic is what I do, not what benefits that receiving Chiropractic has on your health, becasue first and foremost I am passionate about helping people to be as healthy as they can possibly be. For 16 years now I have been telling clients that good health comes from having a good lifestyle, and by that I don’t mean having lots of money. What I mean is about having a good attitude to life, eating good wholesome food, that is as close to nature as nature intended, gentle regular exercise regime, and regular Chiropractic treatment. Why regular Chiropractic treatment I hear you ask? I don’t have a bad back.

Well let’s just think about that for a moment. Do you know what is housed inside your back? Inside your spine?

Your spinal cord! And do you know what your spinal cord does?

It controls virtually every aspect of your body. It controls your movement, it controls your hearbeat, it controls your emotions. When you see a picture, your nerves take the messages up to your brain and interpret the images, and you then decide whether to laugh or cry. They are all emotions under the control of your nervous system, which is housed in your spine. Are you beginning to see how important your spine is, and how important it is to have it well aligned so that those messages can travel freely from your body to your brain and back down to your body again. So Chiropractic treatment is vital for good health.

But if you have read all of this, you will know that I said that the reason why I started to blog was to let the world know about the wonderful Proto-col products! So let me tell you about them.

The Proto-col range started with Collagen, after the MD sustained a ruptured Achilles tendon. He took collagen and recovered in just 22 days! Yep 22 days, now anybody who has had a ruptured tendon will tell you that that is QUICK! So he decided to set up a company manufacturing collagen for athletes who have sustained sport’s injuries. I came across the company 18 months ago, and have been selling 2 of the flagship products, Green Magic and collagen capsules via my health clinic and have seen amazingly quick recovery rates too!

So that is why I started my blog.

Have you recovered from a sporting injury using anything? Please tell me about it, I would love to hear your story! 🙂


Edit your Title and Tagline Zero to Hero Day 2

Well I thought that my title and tagline said what my blog is about. Now I am having second thoughts.

This blog began 4 1/2 months ago, initially to try and inform people about Proto-col products, but it quickly became much more than that. As a healthcare professional I am passionate about my job, how I help people in my clinic every single day, whether that be with a hands on therapy, mainly McTimoney Chiropractic or massage, whether it is giving them exercise advice, or nutritional products to improve their health, or sometimes just lending a listening ear, letting them offload in a non-judgmental space. I love it all. My work is about the Health of both body and Soul. So does my blog reflect that?

4 1/2 months is just about halfway through a human pregnancy, so maybe I shouldn’t be too worried if it is not completely viable just yet, give it another few months. But hopefully you can make out the gender by now.

I must confess that I have been taking a sneak preview at the 201 challenge which is being run concurrently with the 101 challege. A bit like going to see a private specialist whilst seeing an NHS Consultant. That’s perfectly ok in my books. After all I have paid my NI sunscriptions, so if I chose to pay again for a private opinion that my perogative isn’t it?

Todays advice from 201 is “Branding Your Blog” so for those of you who are truly following me, you will have noticed that I have changed the appearance of my blog, to tie in with my website, twitter account, facebook page. How do you like it?

A Lasting Legacy

My legacy to the World will probably not come as a surprise to those of you who are following my Blog. I would like to be remembered for bringing Health to the World, by making Chiropractic part of mainstream healthcare, for it’s Good Health without drugs or surgery.

I would like to be remembered for bringing the Spinal Alignment check for new born babies, as routine as the “clicky hip” test for Congenitally Dislocated Hips (CDH) is now.

I am privileged to be treating two children, who happen to be twins, who were discharged from hospital after 10 weeks in hospital at their birth because they were born prematurely. They were discharged with a “Let’s wait and see what happens” attitude. Well 3 years later they were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, although one of them and I quote from the medical notes “doesn’t quite fit the typical pattern of CP” but the diagnosis of CP was given in absence of any other label to give them.

Here’s a link explaining why getting a young child checked out with a Chiropractor is a good idea.

What pattern do they fit, well they fit the group of children who have such misaligned spines, that they cannot sit straight, and Why?

Because they were transverse in the uterus when mum went into labour, so the pressure of the contractions went sideways through the spine, bending it like a bent branch in a high wind. Having straightened them up, they are now able to sit unaided, and beginning to walk unaided. I firmly believe that if these children had had a Chiropractic assessment of their spines, this would have been picked up so much earlier and treatment could have been started so much earlier to straighten their crooked spines.

Here’s a link explaining why getting a young child checked out with a Chiropractor is a good idea. http://www.joyofchiropractic.co.uk/14.html

This link is a story of a young boy whose life was transformed, and his family’s too by McTimoney Chiropractic http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/alternativemedicine/3318749/He-was-lucky-to-be-walking.html


Having read these articles, imagine how young lives could benefit from earleir intervention, and start spreading the Word


singular sensation;daily prompt

singular sensation;daily prompt

Oh there are so many people that I could single out, but if I have to chose one person that I would like to be reading this blog, then it would have to be Andy Murray.

As a tennis fan (I write this in the early hours of the morning, just having watched Ana Ivanovic put out Serena Williams in the Australian Open) I have followed Andy’s progress, and watched as he  has grimaced and fell to the ground clutching various parts of his body. I would love the chance to get my hands on him, and straighten him up. Why do I think that he could do with realigning? Because he posts photographs where one shoulder is higher than the other.

For anybody watching the Australian Open, have a look at their logo of a tennis player, with left arm outstretched throwing the ball up to serve, and the right arm ready to power through the serve, at that point the spine is arched, ready to flex as the body comes through to serve. They repeatedly perform this one-sided actions,  add to that the fact that they carry heavy bags on 1 shoulder, then they are prone to mis-alignments. I am frequently advising women not to carry bags on theri shoulder, and this picture shows just what the spine does to compensate.

handbag skeleton Imagine it was a tennis bag, and then add to that the nature of the game. Can you see why so many tennis players have so many injuries. Should have gone to a McTimoney Chiropractor?

Being a one-sided sport, it is very important that a tennis player does exercise that balances the body up, and I am sure that Andy has the best team behind him, to make sure that his strength is even. I once treated an up and coming tennis player, when he was just 14. His dominant side had well developed musculature, but his non-dominant side was, well I can only call it puny! He did not balance his strength up on his non-dominant side, and his strong side pulled his weak side out of a alignment, giving rise to sport’s injuries. He could not join a gym as he was considered too young! I often wonder how his health is now, he went off to the tennis academy in Surrey, where I am sure they took good care of him.

Andy has recovered well from the surgery that he had on his back, if his performance at the Australian Open is anything to go by. We have not been told exactly what his surgery entailed, but I often wonder whether he would have needed the treatment had he had McTimoney Chiropractic treatment, and started to take Proto-col collagen capsules. Who knows, maybe he already takes them? Proto-col has highly regarded professionals who advise elite athletes, so maybe he is one of our “Team Proto-col” but just prefers it if is a closely guarded secret. Athletes commonly have treatments that are known only to them and their close team, as they consider that it gives them an edge on their competitiors.

James Greenwell of Proto-col discusses the importance of collagen supplements for athletes.

So Andy, this is for you! My daughter is at Uni at Stirling, just up the road from Dunblane. I am taking her back after the Christmas break next Saturday 26th January. I hope that you are otherwise occupied down-under, but if you happen to have free weekend, and you are “at home” celebrating Burns Night, then I would be only too happy to pop by! 🙂

I guess you could just buy it from here, and keep it a secret 😉

sports collagenhttp://www.proto-colprofessionals.com/010123/shop/products/naturally-advanced-nutrition/collagen-pro-sports-plus-tablets_sct-6-013.htm