O is for Olfactory

So, as part of the AtoZChallenge, we have so far looked at essential oils from A to M, we have discussed how to dilute and blend essential oils with a base oil, depending on the time of day you are going to use them, we have looked at marsupials in the Antipodes, but we have not yet looked at how aromatherapy works at the human level.

It is all down to our Olfactory sense. Have you heard of it? Probably not! It is our sense of smell, which is  very primitive, very definitley linked to our sense of survival, a very basic need for the species. Think about it………….! Long before we can hear or see anything, our sense of smell alerts us to something there, for us to decide whether it is safe or not. Think of the smell of gas, the smell of dog poo? How do you feel? Have you been alerted that something not nice, or even dangerous needs avoiding. So that’s how unpleasant smells, even the thought of them, can evoke an emotional response, and for some a physical one. The thought of dog poo wants to make me heave, and as far as I know there is no dog poo within at least 50 yards of me, but just the thought of that smell makes me have a physical reaction.

Now let’s look at the pleasant side of our olfactory system. Imagine that someone has just walked in the room, wearing the perfume or aftershave of your first boy/girl friend. What comes to mind? Are you suddenly reminiscing in your head of all those places you visited, the fun times you had, have you been transported back in time? That is the power of smell and the association with memory, in what is known as the limbic system, which is in the part of the brain which is referred tolfactory nerveo as the Reptilian brain. It is the most basic part of our brain, where things get processed at the very basic level. There is no logic here, as with the neo-cortex. This part of the brain is where we survive. Think early man out on the Plains, needing to keep clear of the predator that he is hunting………. hunt or be hunted. Our scent carries on the breeze long before we can be seen or heard, and we could pick up the scent of an animal too.

An essential oil has the abilty to excite and stimulate the olfactory nerve endings inside the nose, as shown in the diagram above. The receptors will be activated by the molecules of the aromatic oil, when it is wafted under the nose. It is the eddy current of the waft, not the direct sniff, which excites the nerve endings. There are 50 million or so receptors, and they are all bare nerve endings, which means there is no barrier between the outside world and the Reptilain brain via this cranial nerve. This connection to the limbic system, which is the seat of the control of emotions, may be the reason that scent can have such a powerful impact on our psyche. This makes the sense of smell the oldest and most primitive of our senses.

So next time you find yourself thinking of another time and place to the one you are in, it will be the aromas and scents that are around you, that are taking you there. Happy Smelling!

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Thank you for reading this post, which is part of the AtoZChallenge.

Blessings Joy


A Cup of Poo Anyone?

2 days ago I went to my weekly meeting of the Writer’s club. The topic was Sci Fi, and the wonderful speaker, David Bishop, who has written episodes for Doctor Who as well as Doctors, suggested that we might take a look at New Scientist for some ideas as to what is going on in the Science World for ideas! So I did, and came across an interesting if not disgusting topic “Healing by Faeces” How shit is that?

The idea is to reset the gut flora using bacteria in the stools of a healthy person. you don’t say? Surely that’s what probiotics are for?

In my clinic I have seen remarkable results with Green magic, for conditions that faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) is apparently being used for. Some of you at this point are possibly thinking that I have got my months mixed up and that it is the 1st March and not April Fools day, so just for you a link to New Scientist wesite; http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22129582.800-healing-by-faeces-rise-of-the-diy-gutbug-swap.html#.UxELsoXobIU

So if you are considering FMT, can I please suggest that you give Green Magic a try first? Please, for my own stomach!



Sweet Dreams

The dream that I can vividly recall is not a particularly sweet and pleasant one, but it is the first one that I can remember as being significant, and made me aware of the fact that dreams can be very relevant to our day to day lives. Before I recount the dream to you, I will tell you a little bit about my life at the time.

I was a Senior Nurse on a surgical ward, with a Ward Sister in Charge, my immediate boss, for whom I had little respect. I had applied and been for an interview for a promotion, at a hospital several hundred miles away, so I would need to relocate, moving away from family and friends. So there’s the background, here’s the dream:

I am on an old wooden ship. I am in the toilet of this ship, and I am stuck, the door will not open. I am aware that the ship is sinking, I can feel the pressure of the water, on the small room that I am trapped in, and I know that I am going to die. At this point I realise that I am dreaming, and that I am safe, so I can choose the way I wish to shuffle off this mortal coil. I can remain in the cubicle, which is airtight, and I will suffocate, or I can open the door, which will let the water in and I will drown.

That is not the end of the dream, but I want to tell you about a discussion I had with the hospital chaplain, when I told him about it. He asked me what was happening in my life at the moment, and I explained as I have in the paragraph above. He asked me how I felt about my life. The job I was in felt as though it were suffocating me, I could not expand and develop working for this Ward Sister who I had little respect for, whereas if I took this new job with the added responsibility that the promotion meant, far away from my family and friends, I felt that I might drown in all the change.

Dreams are very powerful things if we know how to interpret them. Sometimes when we struggle to make decisions in life, our sub-conscious communicates via a dream, to let us know what we really feel about a situation. Here I felt that I would be “out of my depth” gaining a promotion and moving away from all that I knew. It did however start me off on a new journey, ie the ship, and the healing pathway that is signified by water. Staying with the old familiar situation was “suffocating” my development.

There are many accounts of dreams in the Bible too. Joseph was able to interpret dreams in the Old Testament, and Joseph in the New testament was told in a dream what to do.

So which one did I choose in my dream?

I suffocated!!

However that is not the end of my journey. Having my feelings made aware to me, meant that I could then look for ways where I could move on, whilst remaining in control of my surroundings, and I embarked on my McTimoney Chiropractic training, and am so pleased that I did. So next time you have avivid lifelike dream, examine it and ask yourself “What is it trying to tell me?”

Blessings Joy x


The Headache: George Cruickshank 1835

The Headache: George Cruickshank 1835

Cause or Effect? Falling asleep in a chair like this can put pressure on the neck, giving rise to mis-alignments in the area, giving rise to cervico-genic headaches, or headaches of neck origins. Unfortuantely for this man DD Palmer did not develop Chiropractic until 1895. So if it feels like a thousand devils are banging around in your head, discover what Chiropractic can do for you! http://www.joyofchiropractic.co.uk

Perhaps if it is a hangover that he has, we should introduce him to Green Magic, does wonders for a hangover I hear! http://www.proto-colprofessionals.com/010123/shop/products/naturally-advanced-nutrition/green-magic-(10-day-trial-size)_gmt-4-001.htm

captive’s choice

The thing I like about blogging, is that people at the Daily Post, keep coming up with ideas about what to blog about, that really challenge me, and make me think about something, a topic that you otherwise wouldn’t think about. Take today’s challenge, entitled “Captive’s choice”

You’ve been kidnapped and given a choice: would you rather be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest, or locked in a strange building?

Can I ask my kidnapper any questions? I like to have all the facts before I make any decisions, that’s just me. So can I ask any questions before I make my mind up?

Are they going to be with me? My kidnappers that is! Or am I going to be alone? Can I take anything with me? Does it have to fit into my hand, a handbag, or a suitcase?

Am I guaranteed to survive, whichever place I chose? Do I have time to pray before choosing, so that I give God control of this part of my life? If I do that, then I know that wherever I end up and whatever happens to me, I am safe in the knowledge that God is in control and that I am part of God’s plan. OK so before I write anymore of this blog I am going to take time out and spend it with God and see what the outcome is.

Sunday 19th Jan 2014, 4.05 pm GMT I will return and let you know what God has to say about this.

OK so here is the answer to my prayer! Sunday 19th Jan 4.25 pm GMT

Joy I gave you freewill to chose, so whichever one you go for, know that you are safe because, I am with you. Wow!

Whichever of the 3 places I choose to go, I know that I am part of God’s plan, and he will use me in that place. Paul, on his travels was imprisonned, and wrote letters, telling us that he had learnt to be happy in whatever circumstance that he found himself in, for he was doing Christ’s work in those places and was therefore happy. So many times we find ourselves complaining about something or other, often small things. My challenge is not to decide which of the 3 places I wish to go and be stranded in, my challenge is to learn to be happy wherever I find myself.

So where would I decide to go to be stranded? Anywhere that God wants me to be, for I am never alone, I have God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as company, the only 3 guides I will ever need. I chose the desert island. Blessings to All x Amen

daily prompt;ripped from the headlines

I must admit I am not keen on following the news on a regular basis as I find it quite depressing. I find myself switching on the TV at 6pm, listenening to the headlines, and then think, “OK I know what is going on in the world now” and switch over for some ligh-hearted entertainment after a day at work in my Chiropractic Health Clinic. I don’t feel as though my life is lacking for not knowing the ins and outs of the French Presidents complicated love life! Who am I to judge?

But one thing that I am learning from blogging and doing the daily prompt, is that it will challenge me to think about things that I might otherwise give little regard to. So I thought about the website that I would go to for my news, and my first thought was Facebook, ashamedly. It is often on FB that I will read a status of one of my friends, which will alert me to the latest tragedy (good news actually reaching the news is rare,  😦  although we did have the birth of another great-grandchild for the Qyeen just this week! It hardly caused a stir!

From Facebook, if it is something that I want to read further, I head over to the BBC News, so it was to that website that I headed when I read the daily prompt.

How would my business benefit if there was a “Curb on use of private sector to treat NHS patients”?

As a Private Health Care Provider, you might think that it would have a negative impact on my business, but the truth is that I have never had a referral from the NHS, so directly it will have no impact whatsoever. Indirectly it can only mean more business for me, as more and more people become disillusioned with the NHS, as waiting lists get longer and longer. I hear stories on a daily basis about how people cannot get an appointment with their doctor for week’s, physio appointments once you have been referred by your GP are 6 weeks + for non-urgent cases, so it can only be good for those health care provider’s who are willing and waiting to provide a service to the public who are becoming dis-heartened with the health care that they receive from the NHS. The report states that 0.8% of the annual spend, that’s £28 million in 2012/13, was paid, for treatments in the private sector. That might be less than 1 percent, but we are talking big spend as a whole, so that is a lot of treatments being bought privately by the health boards. Can the NHS pick up those patients, without a decline in service? What will the government need to do to make sure that they can provide the same service themselves without making waiting times longer?

Do people need to start to take more responsibilty for their health by watching what they eat, doing some form of regular  exercise, and consider having regular alternative treatments to keep themselves healthy?

What do you think? I would be happy to hear your views.

Daily post;Quirky habit

As a Christian I try and be tolerant of other people’s quirky habits! That’s not to say that I always suceed! And I have one or two of my own that I know irritates my daughter, so lets talk about those shall we.

First of all, I have an annoying habit of clicking my fingers when I am trying to remember things. For example, tomorrow I am flying to Paris, so I have to pack. It is for my daughter’s 18th Birthday, which is on Tuesday 14th January. I have several surprises in store for her, and it has taken some planning. Air flights, hotel arrangements, money exchange, lunches and evening entertainment, that sort of thing. Much of it has been done online, so I have tickets or confirmations to print off. As I go around the house making sure that I have all of the things to go, I will be clicking my fingers, whilst the list of to-do things will be going round my head, to make sure that everything is packed, including boarding passes, Disneyland Paris confirmation letter, chargers for laptop, so that I can continue my daily postings for you etc 🙂 My daughter will say “stop clicking your fingers” but I will continue to click away, it is like a nervous tic!

Another quirky habit that I have which my daughter shudders at, is my taking a teaspoonful of Green Magic in water everyday. I have done this now for 16 months. I will be taking a small pot with me to Paris (it is already to go in case you are wondering) along with my collagen capsules. Funnily enough James Greenwell, Proto-col’s MD has just returned from Paris where he was on national TV. Proto-col collagen is loved by the Parisians. http://www.proto-colprofessionals.com/010123  take a look at their full range. I just love all of it, and it drives my daughter nuts when I even mention the name. I must admit I might be myself up some Christian Dior whilst I am in Paris, I am a bit partial to it.

Think of me please on Tuesday as I spend the morning of my daughter’s Birthday shopping in Paris! I loathe shopping, and so I think that I will be doing a lot of finger clicking, or tapping, which is equally annoying as far as she is concerned. I will try and occupy myself with taking lots of photographs to keep Vida happy!

Because I want to try and make this Birthday trip full of surprises I have only told my daughter some of the things that we have planned, there is much more that she does not know about, and I hope that I can safely mention those things on here because she does not even know I blog, so the chances of her seeing this is remote.

We have lunch booked up the Eiffel Tower. Now that means that we have to be there at a set time, this will interfere with her shopping, so I will be clicking away like mad! Are you beginning to get the picture here?

We have an evening at the Lido. I have to get her ready to leave our hotel at 6 pm. I will be ready and clicking whilst she straightens her hair, gets dressed, and redressed, and changed again as she decides what to wear. Click click click click click, just even thinking about it, which is why my fingers are fair flying over the keyboard as I click.

Well I guess I should stop clicking away on here, and go and get some more things packed, so that my daughter doesn’t get all freaky tomorrow with my clicking. I hope that it will be a click-free day, but unless somebody chops my fingers off that is unlikley, and then I shall have to resort to toe-tapping, she hates that too 😉