What is a Superfood?

Green Magic and NutribulletI am of an age where I would say that it is another term for food. That is food that has been grown and picked, cut, plucked or harvested with little or no processing involved. As a child of the 60’s and 70’s I ate superfoods everyday of the week, in the form of apples, carrots, cabbage, plums, blackcurrants swede, parsnips, and all the other fruit and vegetables which were grown by my Father in our garden. That image is now a distant memory for most of us, unless you have an allotment. Gardens have been dug up, and turned into another room, an extension of our house, for enjoyment and socialising, and rarely as a place to grow our very own superfoods, literally “in our back garden”

So now we have a phrase which we have coined, to call regular fruit and vegetables, and some herbs and spices, and that is the word “Superfood”. There is no medical or legal definition of the term.

Superfoods are nutrient rich with vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and polyphenols, which are vital for good health. So on the back of winning an award for our supergreen food Green Magic this past week, lets look at just 1 of the 16 ingredients, which are all superfoods in their own right,  and how it plays a role in maintaining health in the human body.


When it comes to superfood rankings, spirulina is one of the most powerful. Research has found it contains 100 different nutrients, ranging from protein, essential fatty acids, B vitamins, calcium, iron, to magnesium and chlorophyll plus many more, it is also one of the 16 superfoods found in proto-col’s revolutionary nutritional product, green magic.

Here are 7 reasons why you should be consuming spirulina daily:

1. Protein: Spirulina is made up of approximately 60-70% of complete protein, Green Magic Top Superfood Awardgram by gram it has more protein than beef, poultry, fish and soybeans.

2. Iron: Just 1-2 teaspoons of spirulina provides 1.5-3g of iron, which is up to 22% of your recommended daily intake (RDI). Iron is vital for energy, immune health as well as healthy hair, skin and nails.

3. B Vitamins: Spirulina contains B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9. These vitamins are particularly helpful for improving energy production. Continue reading


Bonfire Bonanza

December is less than a month away, the clocks have gone back in the Northern Hemisphere, and it will soon be Party Party Party!

So to help you all get your skin in tip top condition, I am going to be doing a BIG OFFER on your favourite  Proto-col Nutrition, Skin Care and Make-up Range.

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There will be at least 1 product from the skin care range and 1 from the make-up.

Terms and Conditions.

Each offer will be available only for the 24 hours that they appear on this blog, starting at midnight GMT.  To purchase any of the offers BUY HERE.

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Happy Shopping and Happy to help you look your Proto-col Best come Christmas!

Liebster Award


I logged on to my blog this morning to a nomination for the leibster award from Luke at HeroHealthRoom. Thank you for that Luke. I recommend you go take a look at his site if you are at all interested in good health and how to achieve it. Pssst it needs working on, like all things that are good, it gets good by working hard at it. Bearing that in mind many of my nominated blogs are on that theme. I have also chosen some blogs for their visual appeal, take a look.

So the questions that Luke posed and my answers are:

Top 3 books that have impacted on my life.

OK first off I would have to say The Holy Bible! Of all the self-help books, how to live your life books etc, it was in the Bible first. If you don’t believe me, find me something that you have found somewhere else and I will give you a quote from it.

Second “Conversations with God” by Neale Donal Walsh. That may come as a surprise to many of you after my first choice, but it really had a HUGE impact on how I saw people and situations, it changed my view on things.

The third book to have impacted my life is the one I haven’t written yet!

Why do I blog?

Well first of all I started blogging in an effort to bring the wonderful proto-col products to a wider audience. I am passionate about the products, having been introduced to green magic 18 months ago. I then discovered the skin-care range, which for someone who has sensitive skin, was a God-send. After about 6 weeks I had just about exhausted all that I had to say, and stumbled upon a poem called “Gift from a Stranger” and a couple of days later the daily prompt was Mirror Mirror, so I wrote a poem in response to that post. I then found that the writing community in the blogosphere was amazingly supportive and from there began to write poems and short stories.

Aims for Next Week

To have signed up 10 Ambassadors to Proto-col! So if you want to work in the health and beauty industry, working from home, the hours that suit you, selling top quality products then please take a look at the website and get in touch with me. We might not have any representatives in your part of the world, but we are going global, so you could be heading up the entire team in your country. Check it out here   http://www.proto-colambassadors.com/JOYGILL

One Habit That You Are Proud Of and One I Would Like to Change

Taking my teaspoon of Green magic every morning. Too many to mention, but the ability to kill off houseplants.

Your Favourite Quote

There’s no “I” in Team. My team are amazing and we help each other out all the time.

What Scares You the Most

Nothing really, not spiders, nor snakes, nor flying. Since discovering EFT I have conquered a lot of my fears. “Drops” are probably the one thing that still scares me, you know like dropping on parachute drop type thing, although free-falling from an aeroplane does not scare me, it’s the dropping like a stone on a safety rope that does.

What Have I Learnt Today

Learnt what RT means in Twittersphere! And learning how to tweet in general @joyofhealth96

How Do You Keep Creative

I write. I started in January this year, so I am a beginner, but I have joined a Writer’s club, and am entering my poem “Rhythms of Abandonment” into their poetry competition tomorrow night, so fingers crossed. I have already had some feedback on it from the blogging community and from the club. I also go to a self-development group once a month.

1 Skill That You Have Always wanted to learn

Hmmm difficult because if there is something that I want to learn I tend to go off and learn it, but I guess it would have to be learn to be an excellent sales-person.

My Favourite way to Keep Healthy

Regular visits to my McTimoney Chiropractor, daily teaspoon of Green Magic, healthy eating, drinking plenty of water, yoga and pilates, and prayer. There is no 1 way, it is a combination of all those elements.

My Life Motto

He Who Dares, Wins or Love one another as I have loved You

11 Truths About Me:

1 I am an introvert. I vant to be alone”

2 Christ is my Saviour and role model.

3 I got married when I was 49

4 I have an “Inny” belly button

5 I have a loft full of things my daughter wore, made, painted or wrote.

6 It took me 10 years to come up with my company name “The Joy of Chiropractic Health” despite my name being Joy

7 I passed my 11+.

8 I was expelled from college because…..I didn’t go!

9 I have the most amazing team of Proto-col Ambassadors ever!

10 I am very proud of my daughter and her achievements, she will make an awesome Proto-col Ambassador 🙂

11 I was adopted.

My 11 questions are:

1 What are the 3 top things on your bucket list?

2 What did you do in 2013 from your bucket list?

3 Butter or Margarine?

4 What is your monthly budget that you spend on your health?

5 Should Scotland be Independent from the rest of the UK? Reasons for your answer

6 If you could meet 1 person from over 100 years ago who would it be and why? (Is there a question you would love to ask them?)

7 What is Chiropractic all about?

8 What is the worst thing someone could ever ask you to do?

9 Have you ever done it, in reference to question 8?

10What does your home say about you?

11What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

The next part of the award is to nominate 11 blogs to receive the award. In case you are one of them, and you have no idea what this is about, you have to answer the 11 questions I have posed, tell us 11 things about yourself, and pose 11 more questions to 11 more bloggers. Some of you write excellent in depth blogs and may consider this award trivial, but I look forward to reading your answers to my questions, so please humour me.

A Good Blog is Hard to Find


Abby has Issues

One way healthier

Let there be Peace on

Emotional Fitness

School of Christian Thought

Say it with a Camera

Chloe Mayward

Pilgrimpace’s Blog

Think on these Things

Gotta Find a Home

I look forward to reading your thoughts. Blessings Joy

Burn’s Night, and a Proto-col Challenge!

Today is 25th January, Burn’s Night will be celebrated around the World. Proto-col set a challenge, to write about either them, or one of their products, so here is my attempt.

ODE TO GREEN MAGIC                                   

What did I do before I met you, before you joined me at breakfast?

By 3pm my eyelids grew weary, by 9 I was no longer upright

Fatigue a constant companion, no energy to enjoy my life.


Then you entered on an October day like a burst of Autumn sunshine

keeping company with my meditation, at first a guest, getting acquainted

I must admit, a little getting used to, but soon, we were comfortable together.


If a morning went by and you weren’t invited, by lunchtime you let me know it

Then you would be a welcome guest, company for my sandwich and cake

Now a day without your presence, is like a day without love and laughter!


Green Magic website: http://www.proto-colprofessionals.com/010123/shop/products/naturally-advanced-nutrition/green-magic-super-size_1n-3010-40.htm

If you would like to see the full range of proto-col products, then visit:

and maybe write a verse yourself.
If you would like to become a Proto-col Ambassador then complete this form and someone will be in contact with you.