Can you Feel the Force?

Today is Star Wars Eve. I am sure that I do not need to tell you what Star Wars Day is do I?

This blog is nothing more than a reminder not to miss tomorrow. If you cannot or do not feel the force, then do not adjust your sets, do not pass go, do not collect £200, but wait patiently for the force to find you. create the force so that others can feel it.

For the past 30 days I have been following the #100days happiness challenge. But then I came across a book that I have bedarth vaderen delving into for the past few months called “Choose Joy, because Happiness isn’t Enough” by Kay Warren, and I had a complete revelation. Being Happy is great, but being filled with Joy is what we should strive for. We are worth more than to be just happy, being filled with Joy is a huge life-changing  state to get yourself into.

I won’t bore you with the troubles of my marriage, but suffice to say that since reading this book I have tried to apply it’s teachings and well my marriage has been revolutionised. Seeking Joy in everything is not an art, it is highly recommended and a journey to say the least.

The force is Love. Love will overcome anything, truly madly deeply! May the Force be with you!

To see photos of people jumping for Joy then follow this blog



Ring of Fire

When I hear of the phrase “ring of fire” I think of those places in the world that are situated on the edges of the Earth’s Tectonic plates, and therefore have the threat of volcanic eruptions as part of their daily living. Has that got anything to do with health and Chiropractic?


Well yes I think it has. As a Chiroprator I am concerned with bones, and as a McTimoney Chiropractor, I was taught that the pelvis is the foundation stone to the whole spine. If the pelvis is aligned then the spine can be re-aligned, but if you don’t get the pelvis aligned first, then the spine will never really be stable. If the pelvis is not straight, then the spine arises from the pelvis, needing to compensate straight off. To me the pelvis is like that “ring of fire”.  It is a set of bones articulating together, just like the Continenetal plates articulate together, and sometimes they just rub along the wrong way, causing them to move. When the pressure builds up, just like a volcano venting off to relieve pressure in the Earth’s crust, so the bones move to release pressure when somebody loads the joints to heavily. Many of us know the pain when we try to move something heavy incorrectly, and we feel something move. Some people describe it as a burning burn, a ring of fire. Physics is physics, whether in the planet or the body.




Pregnant Pause

If I was told that I had to choose one group of people to work with, in my Chiropractic clinic, then I would have to say that it would be pregnant ladies. Today I changed my header on my blog, and it shows the ligaments of the female pelvis. These ligaments are responsible for holding the pelvis in alignment, in any pelvis, but in  the pregnant lady, these ligaments get stretched as the baby grows, and if the pelvis is not aligned correctly, then pelvic girdle pain PGP is the result.

It is sad to say that most women with PGP, formally called SPD, get treated with a piece of tubigrip initially, and then a pair of crutches in the later stages of pregnancy. It is crippling at worse, putting pressure not just on the person concerned, but also those people around them, especially as for many of these ladies, this is not their first pregnancy, so a young family is also part of the scenario.

Today in my clinic I saw a young lady who fits that pattern written about above. It will be my priviledge to get her, and keep her in alignment throughout her pregnancy and hopefully give her the chance of such a life-changing experience that birth should be. Her first expereince was not good, I only hope that her second one will be an empowering achievement for not only her but her family.

Have you or someone you know suffered with PGP or SPD? What treatment did you find helpful, or not? Help fellow sufferers by sharing your good experiences of care by commenting below.

Writing for my Dream Reader

I wrote a very similar blog several months ago, aimed at Andy Murray, and this one will be in a similar vein. Today I dedicate my blog to Georgi Black.

Up until about half an hour ago I had never even heard of Georgi Black, but as I sat hear tip-tapping away on my laptop, there was a programme on TV about Scottish athletes and sports personalities leading up to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, and one of them said that she was struggling with maintaining her weight for her weight division, and that lady was Georgi Black. My ears pricked up, because a client of mine, had exactly the same problem with his TaeKwonDo competitions. That is until he discovered Green magic. He started to include Green Magic in his training routine, and found that he now was able to maintain his weight for his competitions.  Image

So Georgi Black, or your coach Chic Hamilton, or anybody else who is associated with the Kilmarnock Amateur Weightlifting Club, be expecting a call from me soon. if you would like help keeping to a weight for a competition and would like a product to help you in your training, which is HFL tested and approved, then you would be doing yourself a favour to include Green Magic.

If you would like to read up more about Green magic then follow this link.


Day 13, Day 4 Following others

Here is a list of the 5 blogs that I have found and followed today, better late than never as the saying goes! A humurous lively blog on what it is like to be Single. From heartache- to acceptance of where she is with her emotions, Catherine’s blog is for anybody who is experiencing a break-up, to let you know that you are un-alone. Someone who is frustrated by his health, or should I say lack of. Fingers crossed they will allow me to help them. A witty view of life on Tamoxifen, or as she prefers to call it Tamoxofun! God’s Blessings and healing hand on her. Your faith will see you healed! Love the bright photos and wise words of this blog. a new blogger onbeauty and make-up so going to give her encouragement.

Blessings to all the bloggers that I am now following.

Edit your Title and Tagline Zero to Hero Day 2

Well I thought that my title and tagline said what my blog is about. Now I am having second thoughts.

This blog began 4 1/2 months ago, initially to try and inform people about Proto-col products, but it quickly became much more than that. As a healthcare professional I am passionate about my job, how I help people in my clinic every single day, whether that be with a hands on therapy, mainly McTimoney Chiropractic or massage, whether it is giving them exercise advice, or nutritional products to improve their health, or sometimes just lending a listening ear, letting them offload in a non-judgmental space. I love it all. My work is about the Health of both body and Soul. So does my blog reflect that?

4 1/2 months is just about halfway through a human pregnancy, so maybe I shouldn’t be too worried if it is not completely viable just yet, give it another few months. But hopefully you can make out the gender by now.

I must confess that I have been taking a sneak preview at the 201 challenge which is being run concurrently with the 101 challege. A bit like going to see a private specialist whilst seeing an NHS Consultant. That’s perfectly ok in my books. After all I have paid my NI sunscriptions, so if I chose to pay again for a private opinion that my perogative isn’t it?

Todays advice from 201 is “Branding Your Blog” so for those of you who are truly following me, you will have noticed that I have changed the appearance of my blog, to tie in with my website, twitter account, facebook page. How do you like it?

Zero to Hero Once Again!

Back in mid January I discovered the Zero to Hero, sometime after it had started. My excuse? My birthday is the 5th January, and my daughter’s is the 14th, and as it was her 18th Birthday this year, we spent it celebrating in Paris. My New Year is usually a fortnight behind everybody else’s anyway. Well who else agrees that to start New Year Resolutions, healthy eating plans and all when you have 2 Birthdays in the family is just not going to happen is it?

So I struggled to catch up, and never did get my head around the widget thing the first time round, so here I go again.

What have I been doing in the past 3 months? Well I have discovered MailChimp and now have a regular newsletter that I post out to my subscribers whenever I come across an article that I think will interest them. Would you like to subscribe to it? Well when this zero to hero campaign shows me how to link the 2 I will post the “subscribe to my newsletter” button and away we shall jolly well go! If you are like me, and want to subscribe now, well I guess it will have to be done the hard way. Click here.

I have also signed up to do a six week online course on Bioethics, which had a start date of today, so totally coincided with this Zero to Hero. I will do my best to keep all commitments, but to save time you may find an essay on Bioethics posted on myblog, to meet my commitments. I have continued to run a successful Chiropractic clinic in the SW corner of Scotland, as well as my online business in Nutition, Skincare and Make-up. Proto-col have now launched their Ambassador programme so if you would like a business working the hours that suit from home, then drop me a line.

Zero to one done!